[Video] Dear Apple.

Dear Apple, here is what everyone wants on future iPhones! (iPhone 13, iPhone 14 etc) 👌

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  1. I wouldn't mind iPhone if the price tag wasn't so unnecessarily high. There's nothing on iPhone that I can't get on Android for about £500 cheaper. If the price tag was reasonable I'd have one, but goddamn, the return isn't worth the money.

  2. And yet, Apple was able to switch from the 32 pin connector to the lightning fairly easily… Why not just standardize with the rest of the freaking industry???

  3. Damn i never thought a guy like you would say iphone is powerful than a ps4, lol go home arun. You are iSheep. iPhone has rendering capabilities nowhere near the ps4

  4. Love your videos Aaron but I could never buy a crapple, also £1000 is a lot of money for those of us that don't get phones for free or earn a lot of money

  5. Who ever thought we could get more lazy than this, mrwhosetheboss complaining about having 2 different cables to carry around, but the bag carrying the cables is not complaining.

  6. Meh who cares about the edge of the phone, the design they have now, copied from the iphone 4, is the best design they ever had. If it hurts your hand stop gripping it so hard or… use a case like from your sponsors.

    USB – C and a thumbprint scanner. Until then i wont be going back to Apple phones.

  7. Look bro as a huge gamer I cannot express more how you shouldn't be pushing for exclusive "triple a" style games to be released on Android or ios. That is a stupid idea that will do nothing but divide the gaming community even more then it already is with how many devices you already need to play every title.

    Exclusive content also available on pc works as most people own a Windows device but fully exclusive games to android or ios does nothing good for the community and is only going to lead down the path Sony has so avidly trekked, getting timed exclusive rights to games they don't even make just to spite the competitors community.

    I agree with most else but God that's a bad idea and I hope it never happens. It's bad enough every other form of media has 9 different monthly subs just to access a full library of content but this would be the final straw as phones are hugely expensive

  8. I'm an Android User, and I would willingly pay an additional $100 for an iPhone if they had these features.
    Plus making the phone taller to "remove" the notch and making repairing easier and simpler.

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