[Video] Do NOT buy the Freedom Phone!! 🤬

The Freedom Phone by Erik Finman is an elaborate waste of money, and quite possibly also a…

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  1. Though I enjoy watching your videos I must point out how wrong and mal-informed you are when it comes to the facts that occurred at the capitol grounds, you need to investigate further rather than tow the fake news lying line

  2. Why are you just bashing the the creator of the phone if you have it review the actual phone camera, gaming, specs but you didn't even do that. Seems like you are just critical because it comes from the right

  3. You can't sit there and say Donald Trump's people storm the white house because that's been proven not to be the case had you done your homework I just undescribe from you.

  4. The main question I have, and would prove they did something with Umidigi, even if its still not much, would be if the phone has a locked bootloader and verified boot. Doesn't make up for using insecure hardware but for everyone mocking the phone, I'd like someone to actually know what they're looking for and talking about to be more specific what they did or didn't fail to do

  5. Why is no one talking about apple and thier privacy? they dont let anyone track your data, and they are about to hide your ip addrsess. not to mention that they have been doing that years before google started doing it.

  6. Google and Facebook are monopolies. Think about it, when most of us were younger AT&T got broken up IMMEDIATELY after hitting 66% market share, because in the law it states if a company owns more than 65% market share it is technically a monopoly. Google has been at over 90% market share for literally years and nothing has been done about it. Same with Facebook. A free economy needs competition in order to thrive and innovate. That's why we're starting to see a stagnation. Honestly if I was to choose 1 company on earth to be broken up it would be Google, they're way too big.

    BTW I wouldn't personally call Apple a monopoly, yes they're big.. but they do their business in a different way. They don't own over 65% market share and I would argue are not technically a monopoly under the law, but Google certainly is when it comes to Online Search. When it comes to Privacy I invest in Apple.

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