[Video] Gaming at Max Settings is Really Dumb

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[Video] Gaming at Max Settings is Really Dumb 1
[Video] Gaming at Max Settings is Really Dumb 2
[Video] Gaming at Max Settings is Really Dumb 3
[Video] Gaming at Max Settings is Really Dumb 4
[Video] Gaming at Max Settings is Really Dumb 5

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  1. "Because of the 80/20 rule"
    Immediately disliked because of widespread misinformation. You could just showed a sigmoid curve that even 5th graders would understand the diminishing returns.
    What a low blow by a company that has so many people working on these high quality videos

  2. Viewers: Which setting should i lower to get most out of my hardware
    LTT for 7 minutes: hMmmmmm i dUnNo try iT oUt i gUeSs idc BUT CHECK OUT OUR SPONSOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Overall huge clickbait video what a stupid place the channel become

  3. My computer has no problem playing league of legends and wizard 101 at max settings 🤣 Some games like those don’t require much horsepower to play at 4K.

  4. I have a 3080 and if its a fast paced fps game ill probably tune down the settings to get at least the 165fps for my monitor but if its any other type of game ill bump the settings up as high as possible.

  5. I play at the lowest resolution at minimal settings, with the lowest dx level possible (dx8 for the games i play) to squish the best playability on my hardware. Honestly i don't mind the lower resolution and don't mind the bad graphics, but that is probably my n64 mind showing

  6. "you've probably ended up trying every setting one by one…"
    No…, i mean yes but no, most people don't do that xD i'm the only one in my friend list who is doing that, all my friends call me a freak because of it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. When I got Doom Eternal, I turned everything up to ultra nightmare on my AMD RX 580. It was hovering between 50-60 FPS at 1080p. I turned it down to just nightmare, and it locked at 75 FPS without flinching. I still have no idea what the difference is between the two.

  8. Well, nowadays, people are playing in 4k, very high quality, recording in 4k, streaming and also running obs with webcam. All of those need a higher end gpu

  9. I got a 3080 to play fps games with high textures cause i enjoy gun models while it still lets me run it at 144fps+ for most fps. then i can play my single player games like cyberpunk on high/ultra and hit 60s. 🙂

  10. The one thing I'd like to see from devs is devs telling you with texture settings to use at what resolution in the settings (little recommended at which resolution list) …Like are you wasting GPU bandwidth or processing power or worse load time for nothing by loading too high textures for your resolution.

  11. Metro Exodus is not the best for this IMO. I played the regular one on an RTX 2060 and like every big time-demanding game on every hardware I test settings before getting immersed, RTX maxed with a mix of High/Ultra at 60 FPS looked basically better than all on Ultra maxed with RTX Low or None and the only difference being ray tracing. Or in other words, Ultra -> High, barely any difference, RTX OFF -> High, big difference. idk about Enhanced, but if it's the same from High to Ultra, maybe not he best game for a blind test; there's better.

  12. Oh, you're absolutely correct. Playing the game is what counts, and graphics quality is secondary, and on top of that, as you point out, diminishing returns are an issue which show how to get the best value for what extra processing time one can tolerate.

  13. I have an XFX 6900 XT but still only use High setting because there is no visually appreciable difference but I get way better frame pacing which is noticeable.

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