[Video] Hold Up… Valve Made WHAT??!

Thoughts on the New Valve Steam Deck

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44 Comments on “[Video] Hold Up… Valve Made WHAT??!”

  1. That’s exactly why they are doing it. Nintendo exposed the markets desire for AAA games on a mobile device that’s not our phones.

  2. Doesn't it say on the microsoft compatibility page for windows 11 that it requires a display bigger than 9 inches? So will this even be able to run windows 11 without an external display?

  3. 256gb Dual Boot, WIndows and steam os, store all games on a 1tb micro sd.
    Or get 64gb Emmc and install , custom windows images (ghost spectre superlite) and use 1tb micro sd

  4. This will help Valve onboard more mobile games and perhaps the "traditional" console games like monster hunter, zelda & fire emblem can also be ported to the Steam Deck. Great potential!

  5. Well, if they had gone with a 1080p panel, the user could lower the resolution to 720p at will. Now the system is stuck with a mediocre display out the box and nothing will fix that.

  6. Valve is a company that does things because they think they're cool. Gabe knows that if Steam goes belly up tomorrow, he's fine. They don't waste money. I'm sure that they're getting into this with some market research done, but they think that this is cool. Also, this makes the Steam Box possible again. If they are successful selling these, they're no reason to not put an AMD APU in an inexpensive box and sell that also.

  7. 15W APU is seriously impressive! I'm guessing it'll be PS4 level of performance in a handheld. And at that price, it's even better! The Switch not only has awful controls, screen, no Bluetooth, bad WiFi but also worse hardware than your smartphone, and is more expensive. I hope Valve gets the logistics right for this, rather than it being another Steam Controller in terms of availability

  8. Why is it ok for a portable gaming console to have 720p resolution but a phone has to be 1080p or above? Aside from battery life…
    Also, the higher end model is more expensive than home consoles. I wonder how many will go for the high end.

  9. Who's this for?
    This is to convert console players to pc players, they sell it at a manufacturing price so they make it up with marketplace sales, like console manufacturers do, 5 years from now people will have a collection of games on steam, so they'll upgrade to a pc or similar device keeping the customer in the marketplace, it is a great move that will probably pay off in the long run.

    This is also significantly cheaper than a switch in the long run, it is also an easier sell to parents (yes dad, I can use it to study aswell).

  10. Lots of kids between the ages of 8-15 grew up playing games on a Nintendo Switch. Those folks will be 12-19 this year. Valve is targeting them. They want to introduce the Switch generation to PC gaming.

  11. Im just really concerned about the button lay-out. It looks so uncomfortable.. I’ll wait for reviews but its a definite pick up for me

  12. That GPU is gonna be in the next Exynos.
    It's 1.6 TFlops and it only consumes 15Ws of power with a X86 CPU.
    Imagine that thing with an ARM CPU.
    It's gonna be crazy.

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