[Video] How many Spy Cameras are Recording you right now?

Spy cameras are only decreasing in size, and increasing in number – here’s how to spot them!

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  1. My security camera is from china, the webcam is connected to windows. So that's the US. US and China intel are facing each other directly in my room. That's something to smile about. One is a 360 cam. The other is wide lens 120

  2. Phones being able to see infra red with camera's has been a thing a least since the iPhone 4. I know this because we used to use my grandpa's iPhone 4 to check if the sensor bar for the wii was working. The good ol' days

  3. Just a warning for Bluetooth devices such as speakers, you can get a false positive with any RF detector. They emit signals every so often if it's not paired with anything so you might think you are being recorded. Best to unplug any bluetooth devices you find and put them in a drawer or closet. If you can't remove them, cover them up instead.

  4. My friend is having to hide these in her own room because her brother is going off the deep end and doing weird things in her room while she's at work, the other brother has caught him in there multiple times. They need something solid to get him out of the house legally, thus they need these. So there is a market for personal security, its just most people aren't going to use it as such.

  5. Technology progressed so much, it is threatening the tiny privileges of life we used to enjoy and took for granted. Scary

  6. But aren't most of them running on battery?
    And if they are live streaming footage, shouldnt that drain an unsustainable amount of battery?
    The point that I am trying to make is, if the person who is spying on you doesn't have access to your house, his/her equipments wouldn't last more than a few days on battery right? Unless everything is plugged in to the wall, but that way it is alot easier to spot an unfamiliar thing on your sockets.

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