[Video] How to install Linux instead of Windows 11

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[Video] How to install Linux instead of Windows 11 1
[Video] How to install Linux instead of Windows 11 2
[Video] How to install Linux instead of Windows 11 3
[Video] How to install Linux instead of Windows 11 4
[Video] How to install Linux instead of Windows 11 5

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  1. My ONLY issue with Linux is gaming. You have to do so much work around for most of the games and even then some still may not work properly. And I know, most of the games work fine or have "minor" glitches/bugs but as long as Linux won't run games as simply and as smooth as Windows, it's a big fat NO for me!

  2. Using Ubuntu as my main OS for the last six years, I stopped also six years ago buying games that have no Linux support, with currently 150+ Linux supported games in my Steam library, and also running some Windows only games through 'Lutris' (Wine based install scripts).

    The announcement from Valve to sell the 'SteamDeck' is great, potentially elevating the 'Linux Gaming' population to a higher level.

    By the way when watching the 'WAN show' or 'Linus Tech Tips' videos I sometimes get horrified by the lack of knowledge about gaming in Linux, as you guys sometimes just seem to just say stuff without really having any experience,

    Funny thing is once you use Linux as your main OS, booting in to Windows becomes a hassle, waiting for it to update it self (after not booting to it for months), rebooting to finish the Windows update process (Don't forget to stay alert to not default to Linux again), and then when all is done, individual programs in Windows begging for an update, you start to not want to boot in to Windows at all, as it's a waist of time.

    I started once with Red Hat, then tried Suse, but that was all experimental, with Steam Linux support, and the privacy nightmare of Win X, I decided to stop my Windows addiction.
    I have not got disappointed, and despite having a large amount of the freebee games that Epic gave away since 2019, I rarely boot to Windows, as I got all the games I love to play ready to go in Linux, and all other apps I love to use, like OBS, Shotcut (rendering a video from 30k+ photo's), Audacity, VLC, etc.

    Have a great day, to anybody reading this o/ 😉

  3. How is the situation on Linux with virtual surround? Windows has built-in HRTF and object based surround capabilities which is pretty awesome. I know many games have a headphone setting which gives the same sort of effect, but I like being able to pick the HRTF I'm using (like I know that DTS Headphone:X 2.0 works quite well for my ears)

  4. Too bad you can't dual boot with Windows 11. That kills Linux for me because I'm now FORCED to choose just one operating system to stick with.

  5. How good is battery life on Pop OS? I’m getting an old 4th gen i3 laptop for high school and I need my battery to last all day. Is Pop OS a good option for me?

  6. pretty sure windows is better unless you dont mind using a virtual machine of windows to run most of the games with low compatability

  7. I wasn't aware of that NvFBC patch.. I added support for it now in my own screen recorder which is faster than obs! obs still copies the frames to the cpu and then back to the gpu, making it much slower than shadowplay. My screen recorder doesn't do that.

  8. Anthony: " 'But Anthony', you say, 'installing Linux is a complicated and scary process.' "
    Me: Eeehhhhh … installing, no. Getting up and running to a usable state? Yes. That's what I say. Every single system that I have built in the last TWO DECADES has been with an attempt to either dual-boot Linux OR to primary OS Linux with Windows in a VM using VGA passthrough. And the result? I'm still running Windows straight-up, no Linux in sight. Because it's complicated. (And broken.) Even your video shows countless obscure script bashing NEEDED to get beyond just the OS install into daily-driver usability. And that's when everything works right! Which it never does, in my real-world experience. From driver problems to weird dual-LAN ID reversal bugs to even the freaking terminal for some reason being set to black background with black text! I've tried multiple Linux variants (and still use Mint as my go to with OpenSUSE as my "when all else fails" safeguard) and I have yet to get it to work when all is said and done. In the old days it was that Windows would delete the Linux partition and I could blame Microsoft. But these days it's actually Linux deleting my Windows partition. Or my fav, having gotten all working, then TRYING to make a backup of the working install ONLY TO HAVE THE BACKUP SOFTWARE INDIVIDUALLY ACCESS MY HARD DRIVES IN A RAID 5 ARRAY AND DURING READ CORRUPT THE ARRAY!!!!???? Why did it ignore the drivers set up in the OS? Why did it cause a write during the READ? WTAF?! And I'm not unfamiliar with Linux. I've had no problems with it … in VMs. Created for things like coding and testing multiplatform development, build VMs, etc. Give it limited access to fake virtualized hardware and it runs great. But to daily drive Linux and Windows combined on my home PC on actual hardware? TWO DECADES OF FAIL !!!!! I really wish Linux devs would stop reinventing the same wheels over and over and over and focus on just making a solid usable base. That'd be neat to have. I don't need Yet Another GUI. I need a solid foundation. Unfortunately, Microsoft Windows still gives you that. And on my next PC, I will definitely try Linux + Windows yet again. I only "need" Windows for a limited number of uses. (Mostly gaming.) I even quasi-use Linux in the form of MinGW, GCC, Qt, wxWidgets, OpenGL, etc. I can even grudgingly slog my way through straight-up VI when I have to. With a cheat-sheet. Because that $#!7 be cray cray. And if TWO DECADES have taught me anything, Linux will let me down, again, and I'll have wasted days of work to accomplish nothing. But like a fool, I will keep trying to install Linux as my primary OS with a secondary use of Windows. Because … hope. Or maybe just a strong dislike of Microsoft. LOL So kudos to you Anthony for trying. I love ya! But the Linux-OS and Linux-software devs are NOT on your side. Especially as there's more to using Linux than just the OS. There's a reason why Microsoft is still a thing. Is still king. Because as bad as Windows is and as horrible and deaf as some of Microsoft's choices are, "It just works." I don't want to support Windows 11. But as sure as the sun comes out, I'll probably install it as my primary OS anyway … after days of trying really really hard not to.

  9. I started dual booting Debian years ago on my student laptop. More and more using Linux everyday.

    Current day, my gaming PC is windows mainly for the drivers/game compatibility but my work computer, media PC and personal laptop all run either Ubuntu or Debian 100%. I really enjoy Linux and once the anti-cheat problems are resolved I'll moving to 100% Linux usage for the foreseeable rest of my life.

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