[Video] I bought this $9000 CPU for $999 😁

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[Video] I bought this $9000 CPU for $999 😁 1
[Video] I bought this $9000 CPU for $999 😁 2
[Video] I bought this $9000 CPU for $999 😁 3
[Video] I bought this $9000 CPU for $999 😁 4
[Video] I bought this $9000 CPU for $999 😁 5

34 Comments on “[Video] I bought this $9000 CPU for $999 😁”

  1. LOL! A company buying new Intel CPU's THINKING they are more secure…. "Bugs/Flaws Inside"… Intel Garbage… the list of security flaws in Intel chips massively dwarfs AMD chips…

  2. Geez thanks Linus! This video came in at the right time!

    I am looking at a Xeon 16C/32T but have no clue how server CPUs performs for gaming & productivity software.

  3. Those CPU's weren't made to game on, you clearly can but being that it's not using a lot of GHz makes it slows. Plus the Intel consumer chips are better designed to play games at higher clock speeds.

  4. I wonder if setting affinity for cores on the game process improves the experience a lot for this cpu, as it mostly stays on the same cores. Then again, no-one would probably care.

  5. You talking about older, still absolutely caplable/reusable cpus (e-waste).. but those cpus are not even in M$ Win11 supported hardware.. Why not talk about the big elephant in the room ?

  6. Try a Radeon GPU instead of the nvidia. The driver-Overhead of the nvidia GPU should be the problem here, because of the low frequencies.
    But generally, this CPU is just for servers not for gaming. It is just not boosting that far.

  7. I bought the LLTStore water bottle (Black and orange cus dam good colors) and I had to go out during a heat wave in the UK, let me tell ya that bad boy can keep your drink cool for a wile, dam good stuff made me feel happier all day.

  8. Lol this is crazy I have a slightly smaller version of Xeon chip my dad have to me cause his job was switching them out like you said (he works for some tech giant not gonna name it)

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