[Video] I can’t believe it didn’t leak…

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[Video] I can’t believe it didn’t leak… 1
[Video] I can’t believe it didn’t leak… 2
[Video] I can’t believe it didn’t leak… 3
[Video] I can’t believe it didn’t leak… 4
[Video] I can’t believe it didn’t leak… 5

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  1. Hearing the alarms reminded me of the IV pumps we use in the ICU. Then I realized this is the exact same idea and wished I thought of it years ago when when water cooling took off. These is pumps have been around for a couple of decades with similar safety and detection methods in place. Oh well.

  2. bruh you can literally just get one of those aquarium bubbler air pumps and connect the input to the water loop to draw a vacuum and connect it to a pressure censer to keep it as a constant vacuum and all that for less than a £10

  3. Not gonna lie, for ease of mind this is a pretty rad product. Not a "I'm gonna get that for my next build" kinda rad, but the "I've got $300 burning a hole in my pocket and I'm all out of space to tape RGB strips to" kinda rad.

  4. I think that it's actually an excellent idea. If I were to custom WC, I would get it. However, one suggestion would be that it had a a temperature dongle hanging down from the device and into the liquid to give you current temperature of the loop liquid. That would be value add and should cost little to implement with what they already have.

  5. Honestly this is a great product, that does everything it promises to a reasonable degree and the UI/software isnt garbo. Its like 40$ more than a normal high quality pump that cant do any of this. unless ur on a really tight water-cooling budget, need a dead silent build, or thin tubing just bloody buy it and you'll thank yourself if ur system ever leaks or have to drain/refill ur loop….

  6. If youre thinking about buying one of these please consider (espacially on the US Market) it cant work against a certain amount of pump pressure. im using a double D5 in serial combination in my loop and leak shield cant run against this amount of Pressure.(at least the vendor says that). so if youre running a double pump configuration please doublecheck befor you buy.
    for me (as an watercooling enthusiast refilling more than 5x a year) the main feature of this Product is the fill feature. oh boy do i love it. espacially today where case/loop kombos with really hard fill options are mainstream. miss the old times drilling holes in case tops for easy fill ports 🙂

  7. cutting edge some might say… Its Just that, piece of mind, an insurance device in your computer. I think there should be more devices like this and smartphone apps to notify you when something in your system fails. i cant code or id be throwing money in that pot of gold all day!

  8. Considering the thing is meant to protect against normal leakage, rather than intentionally drilling through your tubing multiple times, it's actually a really cool product.

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