[Video] iPhone 13 – Let’s Talk

Thoughts on the upcoming iPhone 13 with their 120 Hz displays, smaller notches and new camera systems.

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31 Comments on “[Video] iPhone 13 – Let’s Talk”

  1. SO many iPhone users are gonna be in for a treat when they see a high-refresh display for the first time.
    Question for the iPhone users in here … Is that enough to upgrade??

  2. Ayyy, Apple finally catching up to what Android users can enjoy since what, 2017? Great job Apple, slap your 1300$ pricetag on it, tell the world you've invented 120Hz screens for phones and the job is done! Christ, Steve Jobs would turn in his grave if he'd see what Apple has become these days

  3. I might add LG is not making phones anymore so that’s a 25 ml phones market share that is up for grab so 4-5 ml would surely go to Apple

  4. I think that it has nothing to do with new features ,its just that apple has set up factories in places like India which enables them to sell the iPhone at nearly US prices and so the sales in such places will go up substantially

  5. I hope it’s true this year people have been talking about iPhones with high refresh rates for ever now. But you are correct with apples smooth animations and stable os it will be magical it’s all I’ve wanted from them for years now.

  6. iPhone user here. I haven’t used a high-refresh screen and if you ask me now: I don’t care. I’m sure once I see one in real life I’ll be amazed etc, but my guess is that most users will be indifferent about this at first. This feature only shines when you buy the phone in a store, but the majority of purchases will happen online, which doesn’t make the new screen that much of a deciding feature. I’m half expecting a slightly lower price for the regular iPhone 13 (same how they did it with the iPhone 11) which will be the reason for the increased order number.

  7. As always a nice video. But just can't get excited about iphones, not at the price they ask. Will stick with Samsung as they are buckets cheaper after a few weeks.

  8. Dave, you don't have to kill the sheeps man they at least saw iPad Pros with ProMotion display, chill my guy… and it was enough of an upgrade to buy for android folks when they bought the first 120hz samsungs or OnePluses etc.

  9. I think they’re ordering more phones because a lot of people are still using the iPhone 7 8 or even 6. I would buy the new one because my iPhone 7 is slowly falling apart after almost four and a half years

  10. I think people are more interested in the redesign, fingerprint, camera, brighter screen and battery. 120hz screens is for nerds and hardcore, its not gonna be a main selling point for most normies.

  11. i think they'll get rid of the notch and add an under screen finger print reader, along with whatever other cool stuff like 5g speeds on par with android in 2022. i need to upgrade my janky 7 but if i can hold out for another 14 months, i will.

  12. I have an iPhone 6s Plus till now, and I tell you its a pain in the ass considering the battery life
    So… should I upgrade to the iPhone 12 Pro Max
    Wait for iPhone 13 Pro Max to release?

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