[Video] Nothing ear (1) Launch Event and First Unboxing

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39 Comments on “[Video] Nothing ear (1) Launch Event and First Unboxing”

  1. they did a mistake. Big design mistake. The beauty of the circuitry is completely hidden behind the battery which is facing outside. so its basically a double layer ear phone with 1st layer being clear .

  2. It all looks just like another drop to be frank not saying it is , but has its most traits . Just at the highest level though , having Lew and the New Yorker as a backers

  3. "not something we've seen before, is transparency … showcasing the internals components of a technology product for those who might appreciate those things." uh the OG gameboy had a transparent model, as did the N64 etc

  4. I need to know, I'm buying my first wireless earphones and I'm deciding between Nothing ear (1) and Studio buds (beats by Dre). I mostly listen to hiphop music and will most likely use earphones for that. Send help

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