[Video] NVIDIA Thinks These GPUs Are Worthless

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23 Comments on “[Video] NVIDIA Thinks These GPUs Are Worthless”

  1. 700s are just fine for all those people playing older games like a million people playing World of Warcraft after work for last 10yr.
    Now if 3000 series was actually available at the advertised price I'm sure those millions of people would happily upgrade… but there not. How about fixing supply issues before making it worse.. ya think duh

  2. One word: EMULATION
    I'd snap up one of those cards in a heartbeat just to slap into an SFF emulation PC and happily play 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit games all the way up to WiiU, Xbox, and PS3.

  3. Ya gonna do an episode on how amd also ditched gcn 1 2 and 3 right on fsr driver release with zero prior notice, dropping products that were some 2015 products?

  4. Esports games are such trashy scams. Imagine expecting quality from publishers that isnt low investment and absolutely monetized into the dirt for the insecure social status manchildren.

  5. you know, this pretty much goes right up my alley. im using an amd r9 380x which also has discontinued driver support, and as long as i can and have to, i will use it. the power savings issue is a real problem when you cant afford to buy something new but your oldhardware keeps draining your pocket. maybe at some point in the near future the crypto-cards will deflate the cost of a used, decent current card, at least i hope so. or at some point ill actually have the money to upgrade my whole pc

  6. The Kepler GPUs really do pack decent performance still, but personally I've ended up having a bad run with them this year specifically. Firstly due to GPU shortage, I reverted back to my old GTX 760 Windforce for the time being, and after just a bit over a month and half it started bestowing artifacts upon me, until it would no longer work with Nvidia provided drivers. Windows Basic Display adapter ftw in that situation, I still had a video output. But of course, that's less than ideal, software like Blender or Substance Painter wouldn't work that way, because they operate on OpenGL, which goes for all the OpenGL software. So I managed to snatch a GTX 780 Lightning. What an amazing GPU despite it's age, completely destroying the GTX 760 in my usage. Unfortuantely though, that also ended up dying after a month of usage. PC would no longer go past the bios. This really makes me believe the Kepler lineup has just simply ran it's course and you'll be lucky to find an used one that will last you for a longer period of time

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