[Video] “oneplus sucks now”

Thoughts on the current state of OnePlus in 2021

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30 Comments on “[Video] “oneplus sucks now””

  1. Yup the software is AMAZING, I have op6, since release in 2018 and I will get android 12…r u kidding me? Who does that?? Oh and I got it for 600euro …
    On other companies if you get 2yrs of updates, ur lucky.

  2. Finally you made this video. I was thinking of this for a long time, since the start of OnePlus 8 pro model phones. They are not what they used to be. Even if you consider the pricing of the phones, the camera quality is still not in par with the iPhones and Samsung's. I have to commend Apple for how they make phones and maintain the software.

  3. In India they released oneplus 9 without OIS and never advertised it at all. They released nord ce without their alert slider. And proper software updates are also now missing. This isn't oneplus we knew at all.

  4. I was using oneplus 7t and ever since the android 11 update it started malfunctioning. I’ve switched to apple now. Did not expect oneplus to perform so poorly.

  5. So many People still don't understand how companies work. I bought the OP7Pro back then knowing the prices will go up. Companies buy market share in the beginning or when they have to recoup it. They do it by over delivering compared to their competition. But in the end that gets in the way of maximizing profits what is ALWAYS the ultimate goal of a company especially one that is traded in stocks. So what you have to do is scanning the market for a company that has to buy or buy back market share at the moment. This is where you will get the best deal and this is why you pay a premium for Samsung or Apple products. Because they are past that phase and are in the phase of maximizing profits.

    Look at what Microsoft is doing in the X box department. You don't think they just had a change of heart and care about beeing nice and fair to their costumers now don't you ? The insane value of Gamepass and their transparent and very customer friendly approach is a strategic decision because they have to BUY BACK MARKET SHARE! They lost MS with the X box one and have to invest now to get it back. When they got it the price of GP will go up and they will become less customer friendly and more focussed on maximizing profits. This pattern always repeats and it's not that hard to understand its basic economics.

    Stop thinking of companies like people or you will continue to get burned.

  6. Used to really enjoy OnePlus devices, had several of their handsets in a row. Didn't buy one for my last new Smartphone however and as things stand I wouldn't buy one again.

  7. Old Oneplus knew which features to let go to make the best bang for buck smartphone. Their balancing act diffrentiated them.

    Now, they are selling their cameras. How are they different now from Apple and Samsung?

  8. I ignored the hype until OnePlus 5, then upgraded to the 7T. Both, without a doubt, my favourite smart phones I've ever used. Will I continue to go the OPP route? I don't think I would – I am more cost conscious with phones than I am with laptops and computers, and OPP's draw was always the combination of cost, OxygenOS, and decent hardware. If you ask me today what phone I would want, I wouldn't be able to tell you. Nothing stands out like OPP used to for me.

    And no, I ain't going to pay Samsung or Apple. Samsung's Android implementation is ridiculous no matter how many bells and whistles they add.

  9. Agreed. They are a company. They only truly believe in the bottom line. How else will they grow? How else will their employee base stay stable and develop? It's silly for customers to get their nickers in a twist because they bought into the marketing. Having said that, though, it's important for customers to hold companies accountable, to complain and jettison. It at least gives companies an indication of how to keep the vehicle running while steamrolling the terrain. It's a vicious market and it's good to be mindful of it, not personalizing it. So ya, thanks for the reminder!

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