[Video] Powering Up My ZERO Compromises Desk PC Part 4

It’s time to assemble Desk PC for the final time, but there’s some unfinished business to take care of first… Buy AMD Threadripper 3970X CPU (PAID LINK): …

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  1. using a lenght of pipe on your ear you can much more easily pinpoint leaks like that, just keep the other end to your ear and move the one along the path of the liquid

  2. So you had « compatibility issues » with this on-board Aquantia 10g card? Oh really? So surprising..
    You must be new doing this.
    Who will tell Linus that Gigabyte is making a threadripper motherboard with on-board Intel 10g card?

  3. Hey guys, recently came across "staticide anti-static spray" used on some electronics to prevent static buildup or dust build-up has anyone tried this with their pc components like motherboard, gpu etc?

    would be cool if this helps protect the components and dust build-ups

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