[Video] Questioning OnePlus About The Nord 2

A conversation with OnePlus about their upcoming Nord 2. Sam Twist is a Senior Product Manager at OnePlus and handles the Nord lineup.

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24 Comments on “[Video] Questioning OnePlus About The Nord 2”

  1. Why this video is here…..no sence…
    Where are the ques. About…..
    1. Nord ce ugly camera
    2. All oneplus bass verient out of stock always🧐🧐
    3. Headphone jack
    4. Overprised
    5. Downgrade camera and performance by update
    6. And future of Oxigen OS

  2. Im these guys go for workshops and training and stuff on how to dodge questions. I'd be awful at a job like that. I'd be so excited about my product, I'd tell everyone everything

  3. 50MP Sony IMX766 sensor was used as ultrawide angle lens on the 9 Pro with 14mm focal length. However, with the Nord 2, the same lens has been used as the main camera with a 26mm focal length.
    The main lens that was used on the Oneplus 9 Pro is the 48MP Sony IMX789. So, when Dave and the Oneplus representative said they have used the same camera as the 9 Pro, it's quite inaccurate.

  4. Wooaaahhhh… Just look at the Dave2D straight forward questions. My favourite one is how he asked clearly the tune down of nord 2 camera down cause of king product and lesser king product.

  5. I liked one plus when they used custom rom cyanogen mod for excellent software on their phones which slightly made up for the crappy hardware they had back then
    Now they've added a few of the missing features like wireless charging and water resistance which is good, but their phones are pretty much the same as any other phones out there and since they're just Xiaomi rebranded there's no point getting one when u can get a Xiaomi with better specs anyways

  6. I'd like to see an olive green color.. close to nature.
    Maybe, they can remove the notch? Like how Sony does it.
    Headphone jack, is essential for those who are lazy of charging wireless earphones/cans.

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