[Video] Talk me Down from The Wall… – WAN Show July 23, 2021

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  1. It would be really great if LTT did a comparison between LG MAGNIT, Sony ZRD-2 and the Samsung the Wall. For me as a simple technician with an (very small) advisory role in such a purchase that would be really interesting. I doubt, either of those screens would be a good purchase for a home. I predict the LED's will be much too intense and specular for comfortable viewing.

  2. @Sebatsian Linus You absolutely need the wall, it's absolutely "whatever" intervention that it's been released at just that moment and there is no reason why should you restrain yourself. Indulge all your senses, lead a lustrous life, be yourself – buy the WALL.

  3. Why not install the wall in the LMG lounge? Easier to monetize, more people benefit, you can thank your staff without sounding like Bezos, you'll generally look less like an a-hole, and if the tech isn't all you'd hoped you'll feel less dumb. And Yvonne is less likely to leave you.

  4. One thing about the Wall is that with heavy content and good Samsung sponsorship although they might not improve the sale of the Wall it will push other Samsung products, when customers see what awesome tech they have and they'll have the impression that also other Samsung products are great. If you do 10+ videos on a Samsung product, that you oogle about its great free advertisement

  5. Crazy how Luke is mad at amazon for defending themselves, like there's no way it's the games fault for the card Bricking itself. A uncapped framerate should never brick a card.

  6. Also (sorry for ranting :p ) how does a tech channel keep getting singed out of Google Docs ? I use it constantly and i can't remember ever being signed out by accident

  7. Dog allergies are not the real problem. The real problem is that it's a fucking animal at work. You might think your dog is the nicest dog in the world, but it could bite someone. Some people don't like animals, especially animals they don't know. And if i'm working there and someone's dog bites me I will fucking kill it. So if you don't want your dog to die, don't bring it to work.

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