[Video] Techifying a freakin' BOAT!

Thanks to Jackery for sponsoring today’s video! Get 10% off all Jackery products on their website with code LinusTechTips: We …

[Video] Techifying a freakin' BOAT! 1
[Video] Techifying a freakin' BOAT! 2
[Video] Techifying a freakin' BOAT! 3
[Video] Techifying a freakin' BOAT! 4

41 Comments on “[Video] Techifying a freakin' BOAT!”

  1. 10:29 An I-device … you sure that's a good idea? I mean, you show them water on a picture or play a video that shows water in it, and you end up with liquid damage. So be prepared to exchange every 2 weeks …

  2. talk about silence when a big 6cyl ford diesel right under the floor. there is a lot u guys could have done to it and i am sure they will do it one day or another. this was just a video to get the juicy money from the sponsor!

  3. would have been way better off using a larger battery bank and power inverter. also those solar panels are going to take that canvas down for sure. they need to be on a hard top. as a boater this entire video was cringe but enjoy your other content.

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