[Video] The God-King of Monitors

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24 Comments on “[Video] The God-King of Monitors”

  1. Only 5000 dollars and I can have a similar monitor to the one I already have but much heavier, much brighter and with a lot better color accuracy? I mean, only one of those three sounds like an improvement πŸ™‚

  2. Literally overpriced garbage. I have no idea how monitor manufacturers get away with these prices. I can get 2 or even 3 oleds with this

  3. If you say a 120Hz display is probably not good enough for most gamers, then that shows how out of touch you are with your audience. Linus, most people that watch your content are most probably rocking a 60Hz monitor and have never touched a high refresh-rate screen. 120Hz is enough for a great gaming experience for anyone. I wish you'd review and showcase more obtainable hardware, I truly think you've lost perspective and touch with your audience and what is realistic for them to own.

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