[Video] The Most Exciting Gaming PC in YEARS – WAN Show July 16, 2021

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32 Comments on “[Video] The Most Exciting Gaming PC in YEARS – WAN Show July 16, 2021”

  1. Linus gets it. The minute I saw these specs, the gyro (I already have a mouse w/a gyro, & it adds so much to gameplay), the track pads, the connectivity w/your Steam Library… just all of it, made it very clear that this is a next level device. The price is the best they could have done w/those specs, & it's literally a gaming PC in your pocket… er… your big pocket. I'm going to run my digital audio workstation on this thing too, so I can have a professional level audio creation toolbox, at the tips of my thumbs. I can't wait. I got in by 10:11 PDT, & tho it say's Q1 2022, I hoping since I was so early, I get it in December.

  2. I don't understand why people are freaking out like "YEAH BUT LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO STEAM MACHINES?!?!"… Handheld is a totally different market. These will probably sell a ton better than the SM's did.

  3. I was not excited about this. As a 50 year old male with a great gaming history but bad hands, this is not for me. My son, however will want this on his Christmas list. I’m lucky to have got a pre-order early into the launch. Is frustrating how many of these are already on eBay at crazy mark up. Due to the ‘one order per account’ and early access ordering for recent steam users, it seems everyone is turning scalper. I’m not sure how to feel about individuals making some cash (many have had income issues related to pandemic) but supply and demand will make this a difficult item to get direct. It’s now showing Q3 2022 delivery for the higher tier.

  4. people complaining about the price on the deck really needs to shut up, turn their shit off and do some work, compared to a laptop its great, might actually be a computer,console,handheld replacement for some minimalist,

  5. I think the steam deck is great. I don't much care for the name of the product and I personally would have changed some of the specs for example I would have went for a 1080p 120Hz display and maybe slightly changed the controller design but overall I think it's going to be great.

  6. HOUSE VIDEOS! Everything possible! No need to show the front, street nor the adress! But we NEED house videos! I wish you moved every 2 years just to watch the home upgrades and changes!

  7. If anyone looks at this and thinks that it’s overpriced… then you’re just horribly out of touch with reality.

    400 for this kit is literally a steal. I’m shocked it isn’t 600 or MORE.

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