[Video] This Laptop is ALL SCREEN!

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[Video] This Laptop is ALL SCREEN! 1
[Video] This Laptop is ALL SCREEN! 2
[Video] This Laptop is ALL SCREEN! 3
[Video] This Laptop is ALL SCREEN! 4
[Video] This Laptop is ALL SCREEN! 5

42 Comments on “[Video] This Laptop is ALL SCREEN!”

  1. NICE AWES0ME C00L_ 🍨🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚 💨 🍮 🥧 🍡 🍧 🍨 🍦 🍰 ❗ 🐬 🌺 🌺 🌺 🥀 🌹 🌷 🍁 💐🍂 🐡🐄 🐅 🐆 🐯 🍣 🍣 🍣 🥘 🍨🍨🍨

  2. Dear god I hope that the trend of fitting a flexible screen everywhere dies faster than netbooks. No need to make another failure point on devices that don't need them. Don't try to make a one size fits all at the cost of filling landfills.

  3. Honestly speaking, this would've been better with just Alex's half. Riley's half was just "look how c00l it is!" It almost felt like Riley was just there to satisfy the checklist for the review that Lenovo gave them, and didn't seem genuine.

  4. Lenovo needs to learn from Valve and get this to a painful 500-900€ Pricerange with different models. But I know they target business people … so higher price is fine. Still for 500€ that could be really good for attending lectures, drawing on the go etc.

  5. I like the idea of 2 persons and each having their love Vs hate about it. It's pretty much good techie Vs bad techie. Let ltt or the public decide who wins the battle. 🙂

  6. "kiwico is a monthly subscription service to help introduce and make steam topics fun and engaging for kids of all ages…"
    I didn't know Gaben was involved with that company….

  7. Sooo it folds… but does it have a plastic or glass screen? Id assume glass because they sell a stylus and a stylus would dent the screen if it was plastic.
    So if it is glass than im very happy that someone finally made a folding device that doesn't have a shitty plastic screen.

  8. Why would I not want a foldable screen over a laptop?

    How overpriced they are

    The display

    The performance

    No one wants to go through the effort of owning one of these things.

    This video.. honestly hurts my brain, thanks Linus Tech Tips, you deserve your 13 Million Subscribers consisting of people in their 20s, and people no older than 13.

  9. Thanks for review, but only those with money to flush may buy it… overpriced and lately I have had issues with Lenovo quality, 3 thinkpad devices DIED, swollen batteries, DOA after use, and just crap compared to older ones. All the BEST to you! Cheers 🙂

  10. Linus needs to go on vacation more. Riley nailed that cold open💚.

    Also I love hearing camera guys yelling from offscreen did I hear David AND Brandon?

    And Alex hijacking the video just for Riley to steal it back.

    Great job guys!

  11. Maybe this device sucks, but it's form factor actually has potential. Different from the ridiculous folding cellphones, an all screen laptop can be a very good office solution. first it will use the same backpack of your today's laptop. Now imagine a 14" folded version that you can carry around to meeting rooms or use while traveling and when you get back to your desk, opening it into a 28" display and place on a dock station like Dell's laptops used to have. For majority of office users will be enough screen to avoid a second screen.

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