[Video] This Motherboard Will Get You More Kills – Sh!t Manufacturers Say

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  2. The first time I'm not agree with Antony… What if i'm a huge streamer? With a couple of 4k camera input via usb video capture card and with obs doing non compressed video recording on external usb HD? All with 1 controller? I'm sure the mouse/keyboard can lose a lot of ms in this situation and today is not so uncommon

  3. Great video but nothing new, I seem to remember all the Fatal1ty mobo's had a super high speed mouse high polling ports, but people will still buy for buzz words!

  4. Right, I have a high refresh rate mouse and the little movement of your hand when focusing is annoying. I have to turn down mouse sensitivity a little to balance it out.

  5. Were you using gold plated USB cables? I think you need to be using gold plated USB cables from Best Buy to take advantage of those LIGHTNING GAMING PORTS… am I right?

  6. the analytical data was honestly fun for me to listen to. given that they specifically targeted gamers using Mouse and Keyboards.

    even though I've only recently graduated to GLORIOUS PC GAMING MASTER RACE *que weird sound FX*. I still play with a controller. and I'm honestly curious about the data on that and other stuff being used through those ports to see if it actually even really matters.

  7. I would consider a board like this for using with an oculus quest 2 since I have noticed slight issues with usb port data crowding when trying to run simulated full body tracking via usb cameras while connecting a quest 2 with the oculus link cable

  8. I wonder if these "lightning gaming ports" are on a different usb controller. Because that would make them great for the original oculus rift cv1, which before getting a 4 port, 4 controller usb pci-e card would take all of my motherboard's usb bandwidth for itself, leaving no room for any of my other myriad of peripherals.

  9. I'm running a Gigabyte motherboard for the first time in my life and the amount of server-grade features that they didn't even advertise is astonishing. PCIe bifurcation, ECC RAM (yes, all AMD CPUs have that, but very few boards do) (btw they did advertise that one) and some other ones which escape me right now.

  10. Back then MSI marketed his mainboard Socket 2011 with 128GB RAM I needed this amount and when I bought it and they say it wouldn't support it… X79 GD45 8D I switched to a HP Z420…

  11. The first "Lightning gaming ports", I went back and watched it 5 times before continuing the video… Then I was graced with 5 more within the video anyways! Bless you!

  12. New products are less protected than old product … a few month ago i bought a Ryzen 3600 system & a few hours after the installation, i was attacked by a ransomware (i saw all my extension files (my works) change before my eyes) … thanks to Microsoft to have corrected the problem easily !

    This problem never happened on my old & other FX8350 system (that i want to return to) … so this is why my Ryzen is on sale right now on Kijiji.

    My web navigation (favorites) was the same as it was for my older system…so why this attack ?!

    I can't lie … it's true !

    About New World :

    08:24 these guys are stupid

    If it's not an hardware issue … we will have a war against AMD & NVIDIA … a dream for many !

    I think it's possible by software to destroy hardwares … investigation is needed to see if it,s possible … where are the genius ?

    I think that issue will open doors for that war … if it,s not possible today, *tomorrow will be an other story little guy* your smile will be removed !

    Do you know what a driver is ? … it's software *an intrusion in the hardware parts* !

    Voltage, fans ect are controlled by software related to the driver … are you stupid ? …yes, but also *dishonest & liars* and a part of that world of scam !

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