[Video] Where did THESE come from???

Check out the Manta toolkit at: Every gaming handheld I’ve ever owned has come from some big Japanese company – But these …

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  1. 17:41 as a plastic anbernic rg351 owner myself, its true it doesnt have wifi preinstalled but it comes with a free wifi dongle and there are ways (if you are savvy with a soldering iron) to include wifi in the system

  2. i remember modding my psp as the first modding ever.
    but now im older and i swear by the win gpd. its a DS but with windows.
    its amazing for work and play 😀 plus battery lasts a long time. and i charge it with a 20.000 Mah pack.

  3. Razr makes a controller that wraps around your phone that I use for Parsec and retroarch on my phone. It folds into itself so its pretty easy to tuck into my bag, but it doesnt have wireless so you cant use it as a stand alone controller if you plug your phone, say, into a hotel TV for some remote play FFXIV dailies or a few boards of Burger Time before passing out.

  4. I have an rg351m, it’s an absolute blast! I got a 3D printed grip for it off Etsy and it’s super comfortable to play. I think every gamer needs at least one of these Chinese Linux handhelds, it’s the best way to emulate classic games in my opinion, far more enjoyable than on a pc or phone. And they aren’t that expensive, the 351m is on the more expensive side and even that is only $130 if I remember correctly. And yeah they give you a ton of games that you don’t have to worry about finding yourself (and you can keep your hands clean of ROM sites lol)

  5. Great channel called ETA prime has been showing these for years, had my eye on them and couldn't decide, then valve announced the deck, so….

  6. We need a stature of limitations on copyright for Digital goods. I.E Games have no copyright after X amount of years or decades. Nintendo is directly killing its own legacy by taking offline these rom sites and having ZERO of these titles themselves in their own digital stores. Its the same mindset that keeps influencers from streaming Nintendo games on Youtube to this day.

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