[Video] Why do Laptop Webcams Suck??

Check out Storyblocks at I’ve always assumed laptop webcams sucked because it was an easy spot to cut costs, …

[Video] Why do Laptop Webcams Suck?? 1
[Video] Why do Laptop Webcams Suck?? 2
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  1. tom from xmg (laptop manufacturer) also explained, that you cant just put existing smartphone cameras into laptops because of different interfaces: they use mipi camera serial interface instead of usb. you can find his post in the german comments of computerbase, search for the vision 14 article.

  2. could you not add a "Camra bump" to the front of the laptop? you would still need to increase the basal a little, but it would leave a lot more room for other stuff. plus a lot of laptops already have little bumps there any way for locking mechanisms and what not

  3. RTX Voice (Broadcast now) is great. I use it on both my mic and my speakers. Talking to someone last night and they apologized for their dog. "Oh, is your dog barking?"

  4. The giant laptop bezel (in caparison to phones) is the reason why laptops don't have the space for better sensors then the much smaller phones?!? Take apart an actual modern phone and look at the front facing sensor, I guarantee it will fit in at least 90% of all laptop bezels, both in height and depth. I'm surprised you really missed the mark on this one. You do great work, everyone makes mistakes.

  5. I would not mind if laptops had a wedge design to make the lid thicker to accommodate a better camera. On a laptop like the MacBook Air Apple could kind of pull that off because you would expect both wedges to make a perfect rectangle.

  6. Seems like a laptop manufacturer could easily blow everyone away by actually putting in a little bit of effort on their webcam. Honestly I'd even put up with a camera bump if they just took the time to put in a decent camera. If the pandemic has taught us anything it's that people still need a webcam for business conferencing.

    Or heck, could you imagine having razor thin bezels, a webcam punch hole camera (not intruding on screen real estate that much, but being right on the edge), a slight camera bump, and the best webcam experience on a laptop? In a market where laptop makers are trying to get the edge this seems like an area neglected for far too long that could really use some fresh ideas and trying new things.

  7. Am I the only one who prefers quite real looking if not the best quality laptop camera over the fake looking algorithm enhanced iphone cameras in intro? Yeah, they may be sharp, but it looks like you had a make-up done by a 7 year old girl.

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