[Video] A REAL Back to School Laptop Guide (2021)

A real video on choosing the best laptop for school in 2021

Top Pick –
Lenovo –
Vivobook 15 –


[Video] A REAL Back to School Laptop Guide (2021) 1
[Video] A REAL Back to School Laptop Guide (2021) 2
[Video] A REAL Back to School Laptop Guide (2021) 3
[Video] A REAL Back to School Laptop Guide (2021) 4

40 Comments on “[Video] A REAL Back to School Laptop Guide (2021)”

  1. Amazed not to see the HP 15-ec2021nr on this list. Ryzen5 5600 , 1650 , for 700. Wonderful little piece of kit for the money. You honestly recommend a 750 laptop without a Dgpu?? Cmon man. Thats just not value friendly at all. "Gaming" or not… Gpu's arent just for gaming lol.

  2. Apart from understanding what budget is, it is always good to see people who know the reality of students in terms of company advertising. You are a great guy, Dave.

  3. I picked up the Lenovo Ideapad 5 for $600 for the following config:

    Ryzen 5 5500U
    8GB RAM
    512GB SSD
    45Wh battery
    65W PD Charging
    300 nits Display
    2 years on-site warranty

    Is this a good price?

  4. For people looking for a light gaming/student laptop on a tight budget:
    2x4gb RAM, and a low end AMD Apu (preferably 4 cores) is a good purchase. You can play some very light games just fine on it, and AMD is very power efficient too.

    Just skip on intel CPUs unless its a steal…

  5. Using Aspire 5 and it's great for the price. But yeah it got some serious heating issue when doing some heavy work like editing or lightweight gaming.

  6. Hi Dave.
    Great video as always.
    You mentioned buying a higher tier used/refurbished laptops.
    How far back would you be comfortable with when talking about used/refurbished? Would an Intel 6th Gen Chip be too backdated?

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