[Video] A Totally Unbiased Review

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  1. I will admit. After watching this video, I went and bought a LTT pad. Even paid the super high shipping to Australia. Why? Even in AUD, it was cheaper than decent desk pads and I loved that I can buy a size exactly for my desk (900×400 btw). This is my first LTT store purchase so hopefully it's a good one.

  2. RnD was shown being performed on a black pad. What I'm wondering is does the final print on the pad have any effect on accuracy? Just curious. Cool stuff either way.

  3. I'm genuinely wondering how different the experience would be for me if I get a mousepad like that instead of my XXL 7€ aukey mousepad, it works perfectly and I have none of the issues mentioned in the video, no issues with kinetic or static friction either.

  4. I would love to buy this Mouse mat but I can not buy due to the fact that if it sends to me with the label Mouse mat then I will be counted ass Electronics by the Swedish government and then I will have to pay import total value (Mouse mat+ shipping fee)+ 75% tax 🙁

  5. You know what make someone want to buy their product. Seeing them put so much effort into it and using it themselves. I just bought one today and can't wait until it arrives… my notepad was getting a bit too worn out

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