[Video] Am I a TRUE Gamer??

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29 Comments on “[Video] Am I a TRUE Gamer??”

  1. With whole due respect what kind of test of being a true gamer is: applying liquid metal? How the hell someone could even think this is what TRUE Gamer should be able to do? Based on this test I am a true pleb ; p

  2. When he mentioned to find a battlefield 4 server, I was like "oh, that's going to be easy as fuck, why is he acting like it's going to be hard?" I think he did his testing before the 2042 announcement. The battlefield 4 servers have been absolutely packed ever since. I play almost every day.

  3. MSI are awesome. I am writing this on my 2013 MSI GT70 2PE Dominator Pro, which is still better than most laptops being sold today. It's also "cool" in the winter as I use it as a personal heating device. Yeah, it was sarcasm. These things run hot as hell. My 4 cores are usually on the 75-80 degrees Celsius when idle and 99 when working hard. Do yourself a favour and get a cooling pad! 😀

  4. "True Gamer" is a pointless phrase. It means nothing.
    If you consider it to be real…..Linus hasnt played Skyrim….hes never installed mods…….He is really losing this hard.
    Probably time for LTT to hire a new presenter for gaming content

  5. If you want skyrim to crash, just open the game and wait. Mods are more likely to make the game MORE stable nowadays. Most of my load order has the word "fix" in it lol.

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