[Video] AMD wants HOW MUCH for 1080p Gaming?? – Radeon RX 6600 XT Review

Check out the Essential Electronics toolkit at: It’s been tough to find a GPU in 2021, but AMD’s hoping to improve supply with the RX …

[Video] AMD wants HOW MUCH for 1080p Gaming?? - Radeon RX 6600 XT Review 1
[Video] AMD wants HOW MUCH for 1080p Gaming?? - Radeon RX 6600 XT Review 2
[Video] AMD wants HOW MUCH for 1080p Gaming?? - Radeon RX 6600 XT Review 3
[Video] AMD wants HOW MUCH for 1080p Gaming?? - Radeon RX 6600 XT Review 4

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  1. AMD makes powerful console hardware and consoles are really cheap. AMD makes desktop GPUs and CPUs and charges you the same price you'd pay for an entire system for just the GPU. Their profits have gone up from exploiting PC gamers.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that their asking price for their 1080p card is insane. The worst part is that it’s almost guaranteed to sell well in the current market…

  3. 0:56 That die size mockup is waaaaaay off. 6800 XT's die is almost 5x the size of the 6600 XT's!? lol
    A proper mockup should use the square root (assuming it's a square) and use that as a basis for the length and width.
    6600 XT's die = 15.4mm length and width.
    6800 XT's die = 22.8mm length and width.

  4. I know.. advancements in gpu tech is slowing coupled with the average gamer having a 144+ monitor.. and games are getting harder to run.. a 1080p card needs to be vastly stronger than 1080p cards of 10 years ago.

  5. Just because I like Anthony and the structured rhetoric makes sense to a weary viewer at first glance doesn't mean we're not being ridden. These are not the prices we should pay for electronics. Just don't buy, people. It'll get better soon if no one buys.

  6. I wonder how long I'll have to wait until a 400€ card comes out that makes sense as an upgrade when compared with my 400€ GTX 1070. After all this time I want a lot more performance for my money

  7. I mean i get the recommendation, but for almost 400 bucks, who really wants the feeling of just having to make do, mixed in at the same time with the feeling of being ripped off. For now i bought a Series X, for gaming right now its quiet powerful and when / if this distant future where there is less craziness in the GPU sector, MS close integration with PC / Xbox , cloud saves etc, should make transitioning easier.., if this distant future ever actually arrives..

  8. Mr Anthony asking "why are we getting excited about 1080p cards in 2021?", While I sit crying over the price of a 1050 or a 1060ti so I can have higher settings at 1080p than what my 750ti offers.

    Good card don't get me wrong, but it was made at the same time that the Dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

  9. this is what happens when u just keep adding more bells an whistles an eye candy an all that jazz………. the cards today arnt just rendering a simple imagine in 1080p…………..they are rendering crap tons of eye candy an extras an all that crap at 1080p too………..id say blame the game dev for being obsessed with graphics an eye candiy instead of gameplay and content……im also not 100% sure what it is that making thease so good……….my 1660 super runs 1440p maxxed at 80-150 fps depending on games…….i just dont have raytracing………an it cost me 350…….

  10. Never bash oversized cooling. GPUs are always the loudest component in any air cooled built, so I always welcome big triple fan coolers which you can throttle down a bit.

  11. Want a great little video card under $150 that is gang bangers at video editor acceleration.
    Could care not a jot less about all the other stuff…
    How much can the card accelerate video editing,t hat's what I sop for first.
    Because just about anything over a Geforce 960 can handle the games I play with ease.

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