[Video] Custom $5000 Gaming PC CHALLENGE – Linus vs RobeyTech

Thanks to Newegg and Intel for sponsoring this video! Enter to win the PC we made at Intel Gamer Days Deals!


  1. You know there was a time where Linus tech tips was exactly what the name said. But the nerd culture and foolish sarcastic ways have done more damage than good. More and more irrelevant, repetitive and redundant content. Luckily people love it.

  2. The LCD screens on the Gigabyte Aorus cards are straight up unusable. The software is…. incredibly unstable and just downright broken. The way they hook into the card is incredibly suspect. As soon as the video started I knew the video was going to end that way. Sadly you cut it all out and just made it look like iCue was the problem… likely because Gigabyte are sponsoring you all the time. It's a fucking scandal.

  3. This is so not fair ive been a subscriber for a very very long time but yet when i try to enter the competitions its only open to us residents not the uk this is so very out of order 😭😭

  4. Again EU not included,
    Can't explain how disapointing this is anytime, you know shipping can be done worldwide these days?

    We EU people are loyal watchers as well you know.

  5. No, you can not "just uninstall" the rgb software. Asus leaves behind garbage files and registry entries after running their uninstaller. Same thing for Corsair. Also that gigabyte card is only so big because it has crap design.

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