[Video] Dell Gaming PCs Got Banned – DON'T PANIC – WAN Show July 30, 2021

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50 Comments on “[Video] Dell Gaming PCs Got Banned – DON'T PANIC – WAN Show July 30, 2021”

  1. I really hope you go forward with the framework laptop, this is something important, I don't even have a door on the back of my laptop to add more ram anymore FFS, even though its clearly designed to be upgraded given the fact the ram isn't soldered to the board…

    I also don't think this is as big of a deal some people seem to try to make it, like for example the one clown whos message you read out, I've been watching you for a long time, if I back these guys and you back these guys, then I decide something isn't right for me so I no longer back them, I'm not going to just stop backing you, life isn't that black and white and just because I don't agree with something it doesn't mean you have to change your mind.

    I get it, I get how some people might think things look, but in reality, people need to take a nice big teaspoon of cement and harden the F up and stop looking for something to have a cry about and try to get canceled, most of the time the people screaming the loudest when they perceive you've done something wrong also have a closet full of skeletons and should be keeping their mouths firmly closed anyway.

  2. In my mind there are two ways to support them:
    1. You invest into the company for 5 years (this should be enough for the company to make a name) and then ensure you would yearly donate any profit to RightToRepair cause.
    2. You actually buy a hundred or so laptops out of your pocket at their price and donate them to your local public school or any similar organisation…

  3. I wouldn't mind if linus has framework stock.
    But it would not vibe well with me. Not because linus would be swayed in one way or another but it would be a possible point where the community will fight a fight with some other community if there will become something possible "questionable" comes up in a video. (Maybe link lukes livingplace back in the day).
    Telling your honest opinion about them in a video or in a review of a other product would be welcome and fine. But i don't like the idea of placething something realy hot near a paper storage…
    Well you got my support anyways. Do what you want to do and can tell proud in 30 years to your grandchildren 🙂

  4. I don't have any clear opinion on whether Linus should invest or not, but I loved the discussion with the viewers – so many good points from both sides!

  5. It's like the difference between tucks and cars vs data centers and personal computers. Do the trucks that haul our merchandise all over the place pollute more than the cars we use to commute with? Do data centers waste more energy on privacy violations than playing games on your personal computer. Unfortunately, I don't actually know.

  6. Do not not invest directly (because of conflict of interest), you can instead make an order on like 1000 of units and donate them to charity, they would get their margins, and people in need would get a laptop, which is, because of repairability and upgraidability would serve them for a years to come

  7. Isnt ultimately gate size just a base measurement for metrics that we do care about?

    Smaller gates enable:
    Higher processor speed
    More transistors per chip area
    Lower power draw, which enables more transistors and higher clocks

    So really check:
    clock speeds
    full load and peak power draw

  8. Regarding Framework, I think it make most sense not to invest, thus be able to fanboy all over the place at any given chance, with no accusations of self-interest

  9. I see it like this, individual consumer enthusiasts like ourselves build a new PC for ourselves what, maybe once every year and a half to two years? MORE? Outliers exist for sure, as well as folks like LTT.

    But, manufacturers like Dell/Alienware, Lenovo, Toshiba, IBM, Apple, Samsung, et al, make these machines on a MASS scale, and if hundreds and thousands of these devices are all being rolled out with inefficient components and just consume more power than they should, then it's absolutely a problem. Our home built PCs are drops in the bucket compared to the sheer volume that these manufacturers put out.

    So while you may feel personally attacked, BUHUHUHUHU I CAN BUY MY ALIENWAREZ!, it's really the responsibility of the manufacturers to make machines that're more efficient and good for the environment.

  10. I think supporting Framework by giving discounted ads and/or many spotlight segments (changing this or that module, upgrading etc) is the way to go.

  11. I think Linus should invest in the Framework company and then not do any videos on their products. Let other tech Youtubers do their reviews. Linus can advise the company which tech-tuber to send the review samples to. Besides, since Linus' review, I've seen a lot of other recognised tech sites write about the Framework laptop and praising the modularity and repair-ability of it.

    Linus should really invest in them. I love the concept behind their laptop.

  12. At the price of "The Wall", maybe consider a professional cinema projector. What is bad about dungeons? You already seem to have a Dragon. "Looks back at The roasting of Linus Sebastian"
    bad joke?
    Regarding Framework: just do it. They adress problems, the whole Industry just ignores.Seriously thinking about buying one myself,but i would like to have an AMD cpu in it. Maybe later.

  13. Loved the idea of the framework laptop.

    Linus could support framework indirectly through like a competition series. That way its a business expense but can generate money to "fund" the series. Like do a Linus team vs framework team, if framework wins they get money and if Linus wins then give the money to charity. This way there is no conflict of interest, your wagon isn't hitched to them etc.

    This way they'd get alot more exposure through the videos, you'd support them financially, but you'd be free of any conflicts of interests.

  14. Yes I absolutely want you to make a change and have influence on framework to help keep them on the right track and be a spokesperson. It would not cause any conflict of interest from my view however I’m sure some people would. As a shareholder you could also offer insider knowledge to all of us (if you’re allowed of course) think about it, having that position would give you more knowledge about the laptop manufacturing process just like how you being on the production side of merch products allows you to tell us more about manufacturing that we would otherwise never know.

  15. Regarding framework investment, why wouldn't you make a donation to the company. It would at least divest future gains and losses and remain neutral (as best as possible) while still showing support

  16. There was mentioned idea of a loan in chat. I really like it.
    Figure out the lowest return on investment you need for it to be justifable as business expense. Then insure that loan. Hard for there to be conflic of interest if their success or failure does not affect you finansially, even if it will be emotional blow 😉
    Make video explaining that to viewers, and put your money where your mouth is <3

    and then shill them like there is no tomorrow! Since there might be none. If they fail, who knows how long it will take before someone else will be willing to take risk well knowing the last time ended in failure.

  17. Id say definitely look at investing. Yes, get the approval from LMG peeps. Defo. But id say yes, do invest. Because youre truly putting your money where your mouth is. Youre really supporting what you value. And as a shareholder, you will be able to make sure that value is kept up, years to come.
    Yes, the optics might be an issue. But some might say the same, when you take sponsorship deals with companies whose products you review. You arent getting sponsored for a favorable review. Same for the investment. You wont get investment returns for when you favorably review the product. You will get investment returns when the product they sell is great.
    I say lean in to the conflict of intrest and put your money where your mouth is. Its a risky investment, and might not work out. But if such a product did become widely adopted, then that would be mega awesome, and I think you really would be able to help them achieve that.

    If the investment doesnt seem like a good idea in the end. Consider donating to the company and their cause. Support without potential for returns. No conflict of intrest.

    Also, make sure you look at the company closer. You are investing into it as a whole, not just this exact product. Culture matters. Other projects matter. Etc.
    But really, id say, with your kind of integrity, just do it. If you stay truthful in your reviews, then there wont be any issues. If you start becoming untruthful, it will be found out. But with your kind of integrity, I dont expect this to be an issue at all.

    Its way better to support a good company, than to throw that cash at the wall. XD Weird how you havent worried about the optics of that, but in my eyes, the Wall seems like such a weird expense. I understand wanting a baller cinema, but dang the Wall is just wayy over the top. Tho I do get the exitement. But Id much rather see that sort of money be spent on an actual investment into a business.

  18. calculations per second. watt per unit calculation. how much work can i get done per second and how much its gonna cost me to get it done. i could have 1 core but if it does 100Ghz, using 50watts, im good.

  19. If you want to support framework but don't want to deal with the hassle of conflict of interest then you could just buy a bunch of laptops either for staff or for a give away or something

  20. As a member of management at one of the largest companies in the world I am happy such things could not even happen I don't know a single person who would do such a thing with employees or even talk about it.
    These kind of things should not only be delt with but every even the CEO should just be fired not step down but fired such action's ever and I mean EVER being allowed if just not forgiveable.
    I've stopped playing blizzard and activion games because of this for no company should be allowing this and there for should not be around.
    And the people involved in this in should never be allowed to work in the gaming or any industry again.
    Female team members should be given the same amount of respect and privicy as anyone else no person should be treated in that manner and no one should be acting like that AT ANY JOB

  21. THIS guy said it the best!
    ​*******i think your intentions are noble. but you risk undermining LTT reputation and independence your viewers appreciate by doing so. disclosure or no disclosure" –
    Smart way to put it and I stand behind this too!

  22. Any claim of people being subjected to ill treatment during war, especially a 'World' war, should be acknowledged but no litigation nor reparations should be pursued.

  23. AMD has just PATENTED the new name "Zero NanoMeter" for the next generation of chips!
    They're not 0 nano meters in size, just branded 'Zero Nanometer'

  24. bitcoin mining does not happen on Video cards. it is usually application specific integrated circuit. (ASIC). The graphics cards are used for mining different currency. the crackdown in China is not done yet. the effect could be seen with a delay of a couple of months

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