[Video] DON'T Buy a Used Mining GPU! – $h!t Manufacturers Say

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[Video] DON'T Buy a Used Mining GPU! - $h!t Manufacturers Say 1
[Video] DON'T Buy a Used Mining GPU! - $h!t Manufacturers Say 2
[Video] DON'T Buy a Used Mining GPU! - $h!t Manufacturers Say 3
[Video] DON'T Buy a Used Mining GPU! - $h!t Manufacturers Say 4
[Video] DON'T Buy a Used Mining GPU! - $h!t Manufacturers Say 5

41 Comments on “[Video] DON'T Buy a Used Mining GPU! – $h!t Manufacturers Say”

  1. I got my antminers at IMINERS,CO and they are great group of people. Cards are cheap, support is insane, shipping is fast and they provide wholesale discount. My recommendation to.

  2. A few years before the pandemic I got a used Rx 580 8gb for £120 on eBay before the GPU shortage. It works fine tho I wish I had gotten a higher end one before the shortage. But the Rx 580 works fine and doesn't overheat etc. It was a former mining card.

  3. As MLD has mentioned, mining cards are regularly kept clean and cool. They also run at a lower clock speed for efficiency. Used mining cards are more likely to perform better compared to a used gaming card. It's comparable to the difference between city and highway miles on a car.

  4. As a small-time miner on my own rig – yeah, this isn't news. Mining is no different to any other compute task (like gaming, 3D rendering, folding, etc) – so why would a GPU suddenly slow down or spontaneously combust? Never made sense to me. Glad you made this video. More people will be able to take advantage of mining GPUs flooding the market at some point.

  5. My 10x 7970 mined non stop from 2015 to 2019.. 2 years of BOINC, then back in business after ETC4G fork.. same 3d mark results of 7 years ago.. and unbelievable: Still in profit.. and with voltage and clock tweaking have same hashrate of a RX570 at just 20% more watts

    i just had to replace fans every 18 months

  6. If there is a massive dump from crypto miners, GPU manufactures could be really hurt and some may go out of business or experience huge lay offs – There’s another side to this as well. GPU manufacturers could no long support 3090 and below rendering all current GPU useless

  7. What people don't seem to get about mining on cards is that normally we reduce power limit , clocks and voltage to improve efficiency whilst running lots of fan speed. The cards are getting a lot less thrashed than a dusted up card in a gamers rig.

  8. In theory they would be worthless because a used mining gpu stays hot 24/7. Heat ages electronics.
    So if anything might need new heatsink compound. A hot and coald soak rooms are used to age products to make sure they are tested for max uptime

  9. Seems to me there is a difference in how mining GPUs were ran several years ago to how they're being run in today's mining craze. The earlier mining craze many GPUs were run overclocked and while today's GPUs may be run underclocked. Not sure how all that overclocking affected the older mining cards.

  10. Ima try to get new one anyway.
    First of all, used cards aren't cheaper.
    People first use them for mining, and then still sell them for 200% the MSRP.
    Second of all, I'ma feel better knowing the card hasn't been fucked 24/7.

    And most importantly.
    I want the thrills, the original, undamaged box, unboxing the baby first time.

  11. idk id want a new one just because the fan bearings aren't shot for being run years nonstop. but if i was going to buy an aftermarket cooler or water block for it, or if i could replace the fans, id be ok with it. the silicon would be fine.

  12. Doesn't most of the mining take place in vram? And how does a boost clock represent actual performance in frames and stability?
    I don't wanna refinance a dickheads business, that's why I wouldn't buy from a miner.

  13. HOW IS WORLD OF TANKS STILL ACTIVE? I watched anime and I hated the World of Wartanks/warships BECAUSE of their obnoxiously loud advertisements that popped up randomly while watching anime.

    And that was OVER 10 years ago.

  14. Conclusion: Don't buy Palit display cards used, other brands are fine. Also, don't buy Palit's new display cards, they degrade at alarming rate yearly. Got it!

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