[Video] Galaxy Z Fold 3 – What was Samsung Thinking!?

First impressions of the Samsung galaxy Z Fold 3 – including camera, battery, display, specs and…

[Video] Galaxy Z Fold 3 - What was Samsung Thinking!? 1
[Video] Galaxy Z Fold 3 - What was Samsung Thinking!? 2
[Video] Galaxy Z Fold 3 - What was Samsung Thinking!? 3
[Video] Galaxy Z Fold 3 - What was Samsung Thinking!? 4
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48 Comments on “[Video] Galaxy Z Fold 3 – What was Samsung Thinking!?”

  1. Galaxy wasn't putting any Letter in front of the Note series.. So should they do the Fold series.. Dear Samsung please ditch the Z and call it "The Galaxy Fold" This is not a Zombie movie.. Thanks in advance.. lol

  2. Why should anyone consider buying a fordable phone? I try already and it feel so wrong. The bigger screen is far from the quality of regular phones and with screen's with 6.8 inches does anyone really a fordable phone at least for now with this way of manufacturing then.

  3. I keep waching your videos and I am tinking that a product will never be perfect and they(the products) will always have future improvments but they will never be perfect.

  4. 95% of the difference between the fold 3 and the fold 2 is software. The other 5% just moves the exact same cameras into a different position, and ever so slightly thinner due to shaving a few percent off the battery capacity.

    I was hoping this would be an upgrade that deals with issues like the front screen's horrendous aspect ratio, and lessening the internal screen's crease, but currently the Mate X2 seems to have fixed most of the problems with the fold 2.

    I'm genuinely surprised Samsung has failed to deal with these issues in it's 3rd iteration, while Huawei have solved them all in their 2nd gen foldable. I wouldn't call this an upgrade at all, it's an identical handset to the previous gen. They should have called it the Fold 2s

  5. The multitasking improvements are very well thought of! Design and specs have also seen some good additions, great improvements 👌

    Galaxy Notebook is a great idea, I would like to see the width increase and the thickness decrease. Would allow 2 X full sized apps to run side by side once opened and also a full experience when closed. Oh and a built in s-pen that works on front and middle screens.

  6. I don’t know what they’re thinking. That’s what I want, a big crease down the middle of the screen. That won’t get annoying at all. Plus it looks like a homemade tablet. I wish they’d give this up or find a better way. They’ve been obsessed with a screen that folds for over a decade now. It’s stupid, Samsung.

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