[Video] How BAD is it if you forget to peel??

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23 Comments on “[Video] How BAD is it if you forget to peel??”

  1. I have a friend that had a PC assembled in a PC store, they forgot to peel it, for 5 or so years he was having 70/80s ΒΊc on a dual core…when i finally found out peeled it and changed the paste it went down to 50s with the same cooler.

  2. I have no idea how people forget to peel off the film. It’s good practice to wipe the contact surface with a microfiber cloth slightly damp with isopropyl alcohol anyways.

  3. Oh god, I had 200 layers of this little bit of plastic stuck under my cooler! I couldnt believe my eyes. All of this time, hitting 500 degrees and not even knowing it. Its unbelievable. Seriously , it could have caused a fire. No worries though, I through my current PC in an Aperture Science branded insinerator and got a new one πŸ˜‰

  4. I once replaces front fans and 2 were pulling but 1 was pushing air out there.
    Noticed after a couple of months while cleaning, felt really dumb but system works fine.

  5. Ok, not gonna lie. But this is giving me anxiety now wondering if i did peel it off… did i peel it off?… shit… do i wanna check?… ARGGGGG

  6. I did this when I installed my Arctic Freezer 2 280. As soon as I saw in HWInfo that the temps were higher than on the stock cooler it dawned on me.

    Running a Ryzen 3800X with PBO.

  7. I always try to keep my cpu and gpu as hot as possible on my laptop so i know im getting my moneys worth. sometimes it is very hard to keep my clocks and temp high tho and dont get the best perforcance.

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