[Video] How to Buy a Laptop

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  1. 7:20 What ethical grounds? I'm not sure this example should have been included in the video since it is just a personal preference that stops Jonathan running the app as if it were native. However I'm sure there are still some situations where the M1 being ARM and not x86 might cause problems.

  2. After Gamers Nexus ripped Dell a new one regarding the G5 5000 desktop "gaming" prebuilt, Linus pets them on the head with the X15 "atta boy" style. No more stomach meds today, boys! 🤣

  3. This was such a great video. Having multiple presenters made it less fatiguing to hear one person talk for how long the video is.

    Not that I’m tired of hearing Linus now. Just saying..

  4. Hold up… what are they talking about with M1 and teams? I have all of those Microsoft apps installed on my M1 air, unless this was scripted before they made those available.

  5. The LG IPS panel in my Alienware 17 R4 died a month after the warranty expired. Super expensive to replace. Not saying that IPS is bad, the color depth and brightness was awesome, but I wouldn't put money on its reliability after what happened.

  6. Problem with mac is that you will have an absolute bitch of a time getting it repaired if you mess the screen up or something like that. Had to throw my old one out because they outright refused to fixed it and wanted me to just go buy a new one. Bloody thing was only 7 months old too.

  7. to me, it was easy, I knew what screen I wanted, a 15" OLED, so that gave me basically 3 options, gigabyte aero, dell xps 15 and the oled razor 15
    i chose dell because i am not much of a gamer, and wanted the more chunky build quality and it was cheaper
    razor just cost too much
    I think the screen is the most important choice, and if you dont care about screen quality, then its about size and weight preference, build quality, keyboard
    the cpu and gpu are only things to consider if you know you need the powa

  8. 10:39 no, there's no way. It makes no sense. I believe there is SOME difference between 60 and 144 but there's absolutely no way the difference is that much. And there's DEFINITELY ABSOLUTELY no way that anything over 144 would give any benefit.

  9. So budget able laptops:

    HP Envy 13: ₹ 1,14,990 ($ 1550.63)

    HP Envy 14:
    ₹ 1,24,999 ($ 1685.60)

    HP Omen 15: ₹ 1,74,999 ($ 2359.85)

    Dell XPS 15: ₹ 2,02,989 ($ 2737.29)

    Alienware m15: ₹ 2,39,989 ($ 3236.23)

    Acer Nitro 5: ₹ 1,37,999 ($ 1860.90)

    MacBook Air M1: ₹ 1,17,900 ($ 1589.87)

    As we can see none of those included in video are back to school type or budget able type so I am still hoping more than a tutorial guidance type playlist to really show something cheap and best in between $300 – $800 as if the ever could………

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