[Video] I Once Caught a Monitor THIS BIG – Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 Showcase

Thanks to Samsung for sponsoring this video! Check out the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 gaming monitor at The Odyssey Neo G9 might …

36 Comments on “[Video] I Once Caught a Monitor THIS BIG – Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 Showcase”

  1. The great thing about Picture in Picture is you can use it as two monitors on one computer so if you are using this for productivity you can present on one screen while having presenter view or teams on the other!

  2. Let me know when they make a regular 32 inch monitor like this with 4k. The I'll be interested. Otherwise a station of this size is cool. But totally out of my range.

  3. 49" is too big and the curve is too much, 1000R. I think 38" with a 2300R curve is the sweet spot for ultrawide. I drive my 38" with an RTX 3060 and I can choose between 3840×1600 or 2560×1080 depending on the game.

  4. if you guys are going to showcase the monitor why not focus on the monitor while gaming…. it seriously hurts the eyes cause my eyes try to focus on the monitor but the focus is on linus it makes the video unenjoyable

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