[Video] I tried an INCOMPATIBLE drive with the PS5

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[Video] I tried an INCOMPATIBLE drive with the PS5 1
[Video] I tried an INCOMPATIBLE drive with the PS5 2
[Video] I tried an INCOMPATIBLE drive with the PS5 3
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  1. These SSDs are compatible and will play well with games like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, as long as they meet the speed requirements.
    Even drives that don't meet the spec (older/cheaper gen4 drives) will still play well with current games. But if you're buying a new SSD, the extra $20 – $30 for a drive that will meet specs and maintain its performance outweighs buying a cheaper, slower drive.
    As games evolve, load times will probably become more optimized for high speed storage or in-sequence loading, which could be problematic for slower drives.

    Gen3 drives are entirely incompatible regardless of storage size.

    In terms of heatsinks, your drive will need one as per Sony's recommendations, since there's no airflow in the M.2 compartment in the PS5. Many drives have built-in copper heatsinks that are better than nothing, or will sometimes come with an additional heatsink in the box. Otherwise, even a cheap, generic low-profile heatsink from Amazon will help ensure the longevity of drives. It does need to fit within the space though. Full drive requirements are here: https://www.playstation.com/en-ca/support/hardware/ps5-install-m2-ssd/
    – JB

  2. C’mon Linus, you should know better. How are you making it look like is not bad when you can totally see a huge fail in the design of the PS5 when you have to tell it with a little metal ring what capacity of SSD is. You cry a lot about design and user friendly… but not here….

  3. This might be a stupid question, but could you install like all your FPS games on an SSD, and have all your RPG games on another, and then seamlessly swap from one to the other with just a quick swap & reboot ? Or does the PS ask to format when you reinstall the previously used SSD ?

  4. Those limits are so dumb: They should do just like in DOS days and print a message saying that you can't use all the hard disk capacity and limit you to whatever limit the OS or BIOS wants on a partition, leaving the rest unformatted.

  5. Great job LINUS!, as always!! My only question that wasn't answered is, do we need cooling in every ssd we use? Not all m.2 ssd's come with a cooling apparatus, i've seen some 3third party coolling things for m.2 ssd's that fit the ps5 slot.

  6. Spiderman: Miles Morales is a cross gen title (it also runs on PS4, on an HDD) you should have tested Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, that is probably the most storage intensive game right now on any platform.

  7. The PS5 itself, $500 or $400 if you buy digital only. These are premium machines that cost a good amount of money. People want the storage to be dirt cheap. If Sony let you use just any old storage, they'd be limiting the idea of what the PS5 stands for. It may as well be a glorified PS4. Glad to see them trying something different for a change

  8. There's not really much of a price difference. Get a Samsung 980 and a heat sink and you're spending the same amount as you are for the Xbox memory card. Sure it's faster, but it's also faster than the PS5 internal SSD that was supposed to be the most amazing thing in gaming. Also can't quick swap it between consoles, which is a big plus for people like me with Series X in one room and a Series S in another. Only have to download a game once. In the 10 minutes it takes to change the M.2 SSD I'd be done installing the game on the second console.

  9. Regarding resolution you have two measures, one you might be unfamiliar with is temporal resolution (the hz or refresh rate). This, as you can probably guess, measures the frequency of data points or refreshes. We use this when describing things like the temporal resolution of EMG signals : ) this means that their slider of resolution vs image quality will be FPS vs pretty-value. Hope this helps!

  10. Still not enough of a reason for me to bother with a PS5, I've got 5 plus ps4 games untouched and the ps4 has been unplugged for 2+ months despite the pandemic…..
    Still gaming everyday, its just the gamecube, pc and ps2 games seem to be the games of choice at the mo…..

  11. SONY will allow an update in the future if the internal SSD dies to use just the expansion port drive. They did this with the PS3 super slim that had 16GB internal flash memory and a HDD bay.

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