[Video] Intel's Beast Canyon NUC is Crazy Powerful!

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31 Comments on “[Video] Intel's Beast Canyon NUC is Crazy Powerful!”

  1. 5:40 Could you perhaps follow up on that? I am running a "marginal" System with a 5600x and a RX6800(undervolted) on a Corsair SF450 Platinum. Am I running the danger of blowing up my computer? I thought the most it might do is turn off.

  2. I like the idea of the "compute element" Hopefully one day we have motherboards that are just PCI E slots and you can just socket all your components into.

  3. I honestly don't like the newer nucs because of the size, when I saw the size of the original nucs I wanted one for a decent upgradable mini-pc with low power consumption and now this can pull more power than some desktops. Don't get me wrong I like having alot of power. This is an sff pc and I will keep looking for the small, powerful enough desk nucs

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