[Video] iOS 15 is here and I like it

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22 Comments on “[Video] iOS 15 is here and I like it”

  1. I actually "had" to go to iPwn because my wife, mother in law, and teenager have them and we were trying to use Facetime for stuff. And "message" issues converting to SMS on android.

    I just can't update until I make sure that it's going to work with my Libre blood glucose sensor

  2. that hearing option sounds useful. Diagnosing sounds from your car or your computer, maybe a narrowing a focused location….idk…. but it sounds useful.

  3. I thought I was the only one who thought he’s the best host. Glad everyone does.

    I’ve been using the 15 beta since it’s day 1 release. Apart from general beta annoyances. The changes are massive without a design overhaul. Maps is by far a milestone with explore mode showing categorized places to go and live search updates
    Showing active transit like train schedules and bus routes and where there should be live is majorly convenient in those cities. It consolidates a lot of traffic apps into the Apple Maps. They also knocked it out of the park with iMessage again. The way mass photos are sent, the drag and drop and photo text. The ability to download apps off the store from spotlight is nice. They cut out a lot of extra steps it used to take to do basic things and made it just easy and quick to use without overly simplifying the OS. It’s awesome

  4. Hey Anthony I think you glossed over the apple VPN a bit too quickly. It’s effectively turning safari (and likely all apps in the future) into a TOR browser. With it, all traffic from Safari will make it so your ISP/CDN/etc will know where you’re going and not who you are, while apple will know who you are and not where you’re going.

    I recommend looking into it a bit further. It’s the feature that got me to switch to iPhone last month from being on android (nexus 5/pixel 2) for quite some time

  5. I am running iOS 14.7 and will not upgrade my iPhone X to iOS 15 because of Safari . When they let me move the adressbar on top where it always was I will update , till then 14.7 it is .

  6. I´m the only one thinking thats all Stuff Android can do vor 2 years now ?

    YAY Camera Scan Link and open on Phone… on the one Hand Chrome send to Mobilphone is a thing secondly GOOGLE LENS ?? heard of it ?
    Yay Picture to Text… LENS HEARD ABOUT THAT ONE? it even can Translate Chinese to German.
    Group Notifications… Well Head thad befor
    Only As important Set contacts kann Make my Phone ring …. Only Importent Android Since 2018 or thow.
    I havend seen ANYTHING Android can´t do! well whats the Point of Swapping to an Device wich can do stuff now 2 Years late to the Party?

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