[Video] My New Gaming Monitor

Thanks to AORUS for sponsoring this video! Check out the AORUS FO48U Gaming Monitor on Newegg (PAID LINK): Why pay a premium …

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  1. It makes sense having this for consoles like PlayStation and Xbox but pc it's to much as its to big you'd have a huge screen so close to you eyes which is damaging

  2. Lol this video is so wrong! Having black bars(letter box) to make only Aorus monitor ✌️feel✌️ ultrawide. Slaping a Ferrari sticker on a toyota doesnt make it a Ferrari 🤣. Just look at Linus’s face at the end of the video, “the work he has to do to put back his LG UW on the desk and lying straight to the camera for sponsors sake, feels daunting”.😂😂😂

    PS if anyone looking into this video, looking for a UW upgrade, grab the LG UWs. They are really good, just look up some reviews on them. GL.

  3. Supreme commander forged alliance has a mod which changes the balance and adds a matchmaking system. Imo, it's just a better tuned version of the base game. It's called Supreme Commander Forged Alliance Forever or just FAF. Excluding how long it takes, it's one of if not the best strategy game i know

  4. Ultra wides always annoyed me for this very reason, wow it is just as wide as mine, but lower resolution, and not as tall. the only thing I ever missed out on with my 43 in monitor has been the refresh rate, at this point i can see jutting at 60 fps. but when i upgrade… eventually to the Alienware AW5520QF, I will be having a good old time. also, my setup is in my living room for vr so my monitor doubles as a tv for movies.

  5. Hey Linus! I have an FV43U and one of the audio jacks on the back is a passthrough while the other is a headset jack.

    Using the passthrough will not disable the built in speaker of the monitor while the other jack does. I have mine on passthrough with a set of bookshelf speakers at the extremes of the room and it sounds fantastic! With the audio coming from the monitor and the corners of the room its like a "pseudo surround" thing when set up accordingly.

  6. "Why pay extra for sliced monitor, when you can have bigger screen for the same price"

    Meanwhile, price difference between this aorus and Xiaomi (3440×1440) is ~$1300 in my country lol.

  7. Linus: “This is the best ultra wide monitor that I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing!!”
    Linus 1 day later in another product review: Ultrawide Gaming is dead!!

  8. Fuck, I wish I got that instead of the lg. First, that is the series remote I have ever seen. And second, those feet are way better than the brick lg gives you. I don't know why all remotes aren't like that.

  9. I’m impressed Linus has a backdrop of Supreme Commander Forged Alliance, one of the best games ever made although I think Total Annihilation, is better, even better than SC2 “I hear the people growl” are I’m having a nostalgia ride, wish they made another one, lets see what Frost Giant can make.

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