[Video] My new house is gonna be MAGIC

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46 Comments on “[Video] My new house is gonna be MAGIC”

  1. I wanted smart lights but not good with electrical work at all so just opted for smart LED bulbs instead. they work great with Alexa and control all my lights individually or as a group. I'm sure electrical is a more efficient way, mine was just easier lol

  2. As far as I'm concerned, the main problem with Z-Wave is that its inclusion and exclusion stuff and the rerouting is a pain in the ass. Once I switched to all Zigbee, everything ran a lot more smoothly.

  3. Sir LINUS i think u might be interested in this guys Laptop Temp tweak
    What is your thoughts on this?

    Pre-tweaked, he got instant 99-100c secs from aida CpuFpuCache stress test.
    Then post-tweak, for 30mins Aida he achieved peaked 82c at 24c A/C room & 87c at daytime 33-34c he claimed. Also there r Pics

    If you think the tweaks are safe & great, i think itll be fantastic to share the breakthru(?) For every laptop user

    AfAik, it doesnt involve any petty DisableTurbo but at the same time, the Ghz is higher & sustained more neatly for long time it's weird?

  4. Still waiting for the home devices market to mature. There just isn’t enough standardizations and development to make it easy, repairable and replaceable, all without being connected to the internet.

  5. Go find the best motion racing sim then take it home
    Work full time on figuring out smart home ecosystems
    Come build random water cooled pc’s with me

    ….. can I have a job like Jake’s job…. I’m jealous af

  6. So i could go to all the trouble of retrofitting all this to my home to make it "smart" and then set up an app to use to switch my lights on or off…. or i could just switch them on or off…..

  7. Getting a smartthings hub is wiser (even for the nerds/geeks). Also, my experience with aeotec products (esp their micro switches) has been terrible. Random disconnections or just burnouts!

    good point on zigbee, because wifi does interferes with it, to a stage where my zigbee devices stopped working all together one fine day, beyond troubleshooting.

  8. 15:22 YES! The RF energy generated have nowhere to go and the magnetron, that is the part that make the RF energy, will then instead absorb it (no matter if it want or not) and overheat and potentially break, definitely shorten its life if doing it for a little longer period.

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