[Video] Samsung Fold 3 + Flip 3 – Cheaper & Better!

Early thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3, Flip 3 and new Galaxy Buds 2

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21 Comments on “[Video] Samsung Fold 3 + Flip 3 – Cheaper & Better!”

  1. Never buy a first generation technology like an under display camera, wait for the second generation of the product. You will find a lot of flaws

  2. Sorry dave but for me the Huawei x2 fold is the way to go…wider outer screen, top camera module fitted, not bothered about underscreen camera….you can use main camera for selfies/video..also the spen has to go into a case( bought separately) not the body.meh

  3. To expansive, don’t like the crease, worse camera than a non flip phone, sorry this sounds like a dumb choice to me. Your only buying this to brag that you phone can fold… and I’m not impressed.

  4. Very good presentation !! I can't say anything but LIKE !!! But, double "nope" for these phones. Far too expensive just for this hype that they can be folded. Smaller batteries, more powerful processors … what's the result? In case of Z Flip $ 1000 for 3 hours SOT I presume?!? In reality Samsung sells a hinge at the price of $ 400 the rest being the phone …. In the case of the Galaxy Z Fold … the price is .. brutal … You will have to buy absolutely everything else, meaning more money. Charger, case, S-pen (here you have two variants. If you choose the S-pen Pro variant, you can no longer use first case, you have to buy another case for S-pen pro) and so on…By the way … The under screen selfie camera is much weaker technologically than what Mi Mix 4 already has. The one from Xiaomi is not visible no matter how much you move the phone and the photos are absolutely better …

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