[Video] Should gamers stick to Windows 10?

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[Video] Should gamers stick to Windows 10? 1
[Video] Should gamers stick to Windows 10? 2
[Video] Should gamers stick to Windows 10? 3
[Video] Should gamers stick to Windows 10? 4
[Video] Should gamers stick to Windows 10? 5

23 Comments on “[Video] Should gamers stick to Windows 10?”

  1. Even if you're a gamer, waiting to upgrade software is never a good idea. Windows 10 will eventually not be supported and will have security issues in the future that can be mitigated by updating to Windows 11.

  2. Honestly, I'm excited for the steam deck, it offers so much potential and brings more attention back to Linux support for games, meaning devs will have incentive to make their games compatible. And hopefully it fixes Battle Eye's issue of false banning Linux players running the game through external software just to play their favourite games.

    And Windows 11 seems promising and Microsoft have some breathing room to optimise and fix the OS' way of using CPU cores.

  3. I can confirm excessive CCX cross-chatter using W11. I have to disable half my 5900x (using RyzenMaster 'Legacy Compatibility mode') to prevent excessive stuttering in Cyberpunk 2077 and Mass Effect Redux using my 67000XT. Once disabled though, gaming in Cyberpunk and ME is butter smooth and AMAZING in W11! They just need to fix that core assignment issue.

  4. Not surprising so far, new OS versions, particularly Windows, have issues when they're still in Beta.
    I am interested to see how SteamOS 3.0 would look like on gaming rig, though.

  5. Microsoft needs to improve the cache performance. Not going to lie, this is almost disgusting; You make your operating system better? Make it all the way better, not just some parts!

  6. Why can’t the Windows division be more like the Xbox division?
    Allow more customization and be more transparent when updates are gonna roll out.
    I know Windows has the beta program like how Xbox has the flight program but in the flight, when a bug arrives (game breaking or not) it’s fixed in a day to a week. And when the community ask for a feature, it gets implemented in atleast a month for alpha.

  7. Hi. We're giving you an entire video comparing an OS that's been out for years vs. an OS that's still in beta form and is actively being worked on with various under the hood changes. And while the keen amongst us will recognize these are just the preliminary results, most people's takeaway will likely be "durr win11 is fail."

    All sarcastic criticisms aside, it's always interesting to see where things in beta versions evolve and what stays the same.

  8. I have something to say about this GPU smoke & mirrors ..? Maybe we can start making our own in the USA and Canada to save our friends the boat ride being they like to raise prices so much……! I'm Troy the other LEO :)🦁

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