[Video] The 24" M1 iMac has a DIRTY Secret – Full Review

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[Video] The 24" M1 iMac has a DIRTY Secret - Full Review 1
[Video] The 24" M1 iMac has a DIRTY Secret - Full Review 2
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  1. I would like to see a show comparing the Mac Mini vs the ASUS PN1. Keep in mind that Apple does not honor its warranty. And the quality of the HDD in the Mac Mini are junk (I had the have them replaced 5 times).

  2. Remember you are paying desktop prices for a jumped-up iPhone chip. Take the iPhone chip, add circuits to slightly improve performance, then step-and-repeat it 8 times. If one of the cores fails, sell it as a 7 core iMac. Is the OS for M1 just a facade sitting on eLinux like iOS and Android?

  3. Apple products are designed to make repair and upgrades very difficult – they prefer you get rid of your older hardware and buy brand new over and over again. It's a massive waste of money and creates an irresponsible amount of toxic trash.

  4. I understand the Mac mini is the better deal. But you can’t buy a Mac mini and that good of a display, for that price… ballpark… the m1 Mac Pro was a good comparison tho.

  5. All Apple shenanigans aside, the bezels are kinda impractical, Linus. Not all of us have white walls, so Apple dis screw up there, besides the cheap performance-limiting move they made. Dump on the them a bit more, please, I really miss those videos lol

  6. Please stop touting M1. It is just a jumped up iPhone chip (step and repeat the cores). See Cult of Apple channel. You are paying desk top and laptop prices for a slightly modified phone. Also switching from CMOS to RTDs (Resonant Tunnel Diodes) would mean 5THz clocks at 5W.

  7. His reasoning for the Mac Mini is so correct but flawed
    Yes you can make a Mac Mini set up for cheaper than the Imac but to get same quality setup as the Imac. It would cost you more

  8. I had thought about the iMac over the Mini but the Mini does perform better for way less money and I am not tied to a 23.5 inch screen and tiny speakers that really don't sound that good.

  9. They didn’t mention it because the target audience won’t care/ understand. In the end, I’m surprised they bothered to make a difference in hardware, versus cheaper to change software.

  10. I don't even use/own Apple products I'm just curious what hardware the unthinking masses are buying now. No corporation embodies the subliminal advertisements from "They Live" quite like Apple….. did you not notice the giant OBEY that briefly flashes on the IMac homescreen? lol jk…or am I?

  11. The reason why the magic mouse has its charging port at the bottom is to prevent users from using it plugged in. If the charging port was at the front, many people would just keep it plugged in and it would look terrible. I think Apple has done it right!

  12. Mind blown with the Mac Mini recommendation. I made it the 15 minutes in and actually paused the video to make this comment!! I was trying to decide whether to get the 2020 27 inch iMac. I am still running an upgraded 2009 tower which finally seems to be nearing the end of life it's second life as I have done everything but upgrade the processor chip. If I can hook up my old monitor to the mini, this might be just what the budget friendly doctor ordered to keep me current and out of debt. You rock Linus!!

  13. I do think that since MOST people who buy the entry level iMac won't be hitting it hard enough for the single fan to matter, as it's unlikely to throttle at all with normal use cases, I do blame Apple for not disclosing it. Anyone needing extra thermal headroom/horsepower probably was not gunna buy an entry level of any brand, but still, be upfront about it! And this coming from an Apple fan!

  14. All the subliminal messages were out of focus at the beginning of the video (boca effect) so fail. In our case I'm looking at the M1 mini for my wife because she's using my 32" 4K 60Hz Acer monitor with her work laptop to work from home, and we could just add the mini to switch from work to home, rather than have her come downstairs to use the 2015 27" Intel iMac for personal use.

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