[Video] The Framework Laptop is a Risky Gamble… But I Love It.

My review of the Framework Laptop. This is the best laptop you can get right now if you want a completely repairable and upgradeable device.
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  1. I WANNA HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS ON FRAMEWORK! Is it cool to you? do you believe in it? would you get one? think they'll surrvive?
    I think this is the longest laptop video i've ever done cuz there's so much to talk about. Thanks for watching!

  2. You put the laptop on a desk in air conditioned room and type on it. You don’t bring your laptop to go basejumping or white water kayaking. How rigid does it need to be, really?

  3. they should have included a module or port for LAN- RJ45 in case you want wired internet or you work in a field that need that. And a power jack needs to be a there as well, i prefer that…and it is easier in diagnostics in care of repairs so it is a must.

  4. what is the point of having modular connectors in a laptop? is it realistic ?

    The use case probably would be very limited , if you want to upgrade a decent laptop it probably would be after 3/4 yrs down the line.
    No company guarantees that the port selection would be same after 3/4 yrs. Even now we are dealing with usb(a,b,micro,c) having different transfer speed ranging from 100mbps to 40gbps.
    Modern trends are mostly towards buy use and resale it with fraction of its price and pick another one.
    for daily use case if you want to have these connectors you need to buy it separately & carry it with laptop and having risk of loosing it.
    There are 3rd party multi port tools which is far more convenient than having multiple components.

    Even the traditional laptop can be repairable within (even post)warranty in case of any malfunctioning or broken component.
    i don't see any use case where this product is better than a traditional one .

  5. Seems like the day that I can upgrade my laptop GPU rather than chucking and buying a whole new laptop might be reachable after all. I moved to desktops specifically for that modularity to not drop 2 grand every 2-3 years, but if this becomes a thing I would gladly move back to laptops. For now it's just general modularity, but if the trend continues and proves that it is possible to do it, maybe gaming companies will at least think of picking up GPU modularity in their devices.

  6. I personally don't care much for the modules…to me they're just complex dongles which will have a very short future since everything is moving to usb-c anyway.
    But I love the repairability, replaceable battery, ram, ssd, WiFi, BT. That's what matters

  7. Another big difference vs past attempts at modular laptops, is that this one uses usb-c as the interface rather than a proprietary interface. So even if the company goes bust, you can still upgrade the laptop with any usb-c adaptors, or there could be potential for a market of third-party 3d-printed compatible modules. It's nowhere near as reliant on Framework for that long-term ecosystem.

  8. it's funny, cause those modules are basically just a dongle.
    they made slots for dongles, innovative.
    All jokes aside, it's nice to see reparability.
    but I do have to question how many general users actually care.

  9. This is such a cool concept! I wonder if they reinforced the back of this laptop more if it would reduce flex some more since then there’s more support from that side? I wanna play with this.

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