[Video] The Pixel 6 Needs to be Awesome.

Thoughts on Google Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro and Google Tensor SOC

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[Video] The Pixel 6 Needs to be Awesome. 1
[Video] The Pixel 6 Needs to be Awesome. 2
[Video] The Pixel 6 Needs to be Awesome. 3
[Video] The Pixel 6 Needs to be Awesome. 4
[Video] The Pixel 6 Needs to be Awesome. 5

21 Comments on “[Video] The Pixel 6 Needs to be Awesome.”

  1. Actually tensor is manufactured by samsung but that doesn’t mean it is exynos based. It’s just that google has to follow samsung’s fabrication limits and guidelines. Even Apple has to follow tsmc’s limits and guidelines which means even apple’s silicon is not 100% custom made. No fabless company can make 100% custom chips.

  2. If they want to sell. Then they need to stop nerfing the devices. For example if they give 12mp 4x camera it would mean they continue with the policy of nerfing their phones. Pixel 2 ridiculously small battery. Pixel 3… Battery and missing zoom range… Same with 4 and 5… Now 6 they seem to have resolves the battery.. But will they not make a mockery by giving 4x of only 12mp?

  3. I don't really get how bad Google is at marketing… They're whole business is about providing ads, why don't they know how to make one for their own product?!

    The previous pixel launches were all so lame and watered down, look at what apple and Samsung do!

    You need to make a coherent all around marketing that makes people NEED the phone, not want, NEED.

  4. What if people don't actually care about which camera is the best and just wanna take a nice photo right off the bat and have a good experience using the phone (great OS, good performance, software updates, good battery)?

  5. Don't worry it will be good. Google is now both software & hardware company look at their portfolio of acquisitions and what they've done with it. It's about time they finally are making a premium version to show what they are truly capable of.

  6. Google just need to check some boxes to win this smartphone competition because they already have amazing software…!
    1.Videography- pixel never had the best video recording capabilities…even no one had good video recording system except 'apple' and i know many people who just buy iphone for this reason
    2.Battery- a battery which can stand 12hrs and decent fast charging 👑
    3.pricing- i always felt pixel overprices there products…i think google overestimates themselves they could sell a product if they sell it for 100$ less!
    This is all they need to do!

  7. Well, it doesn't help that it is difficult to get the Pixel outside of the the usual markets. I've been a fan of nexus and pixels (had the nexus 5 and pixel 2XL) but I've had to ask my friends to get it for me around the time they were released.

  8. Google's fuckup really? This has to be spelled out?! Pixel 1 = 3 years support, shitty battery even on the XL. If they want my money they better damn well give me more than 3 years support for a $1000 phone, period. And that battery….yea no, hoss. I'm not parting with my $ for half-assed support ever again and unless they guarantee ~5 years on security updates, I'm out.

  9. They never tried to sell any of their phone in a crazy way… Here, nobody knows Google phones… When they see all those I have and had, they always ask me what phone is this and all was surprised that google make phones.
    Personally I don't care, this is the best phone for me. They more likely won't sell a lot of their new one, like always, because it's not very important for them, they make good products but it stays accessories for them.
    Apple fans won't change, Samsung fans won't change, and most of the other follow stupidly what they saw in one of their popular friends hands for no other reason.
    What rest buy what they can find the most in the shops or what is less expensive, and expensive or not, google phones, when they even are in shops, are never pushed in the front.
    Apple phones are invasive like Cola cola pushing away most of the other brands with tones of their only 2 models, and Samsung floods a good part too but at least, because they have a tone of different models.
    Google doesn't care and if the people doesn't buy their phones in mass, it's not an issue. They are not even sold everywhere and as long as I can buy one here, I'm more than happy, no need to see this phone on everyone anyway.

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