[Video] These Bizarre Controllers Changed Gaming

Check out what you can fix with iFixit at Game controllers have been around for as long as games have… But weird controllers have …

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  1. I have an old airflow controller from around 2004 that resembles a play station controller but there's a fan in the back & the grips are perforated so it blows air to cool your hands.

  2. now i want to see a video on the PSX controller splitter. It took me HOURS to setup 8 controllers to play march madness…. like there was this complex plug in and out and unplug to get everything to ALL work at the same danm time. I actually figured out the proper seq to do and wrote it down.

    At least Twisted metal was easy to setup with 4 controllers.

  3. Still have my sidewinder gamepad, gameport version, where you could daisy chain up to 4 or these. Too bad there's no way to plug them on a modern computer, adapters won't work. It's one of my favorite controller of all time.

  4. I had a Sega Saturn and a Dreamcast and yeah, those were beeg controllers. I believe that the 3D Dreamcast controller came with Nights Into Dreams.

    The VMU in the Saturn controller deserves a video of its own.

  5. 10:59 Re "faster input", indeed, and indeed the lack of tactile feedback would be a problem. That, is why I really love the (sadly discontinued) Steam Controller. With juuuuust the right custom settings it's my favorite 8-direction "d-pad" controller I have by far. Using touch for 8-direction input is super fast and with the controller shape quite ergonomic to, and with the well tuned haptic feedback of the Steam Controller, it's just plain fantastic. The default settings aren't great but seriously, if one spends some time to dial in the settings on a Stream Controller it can be fantastic for d-pad style input.

  6. THE fact spinbikes/ rowers/ treadmills
    haven’t become an Xbox/PlayStation norm CONTROLLER – no less/more than Rockstar in 🎸 –

    indicts ALL gaming. Especially now.

  7. I remember using something like a Space Orb 360 for PC games like Doom or Quake at some point in the 90s. Not sure if it was a space orb.. but similar. There was a vertical handle with buttons and a ball on top that you could rotate left or right, up or down and all the angle combinations. It made moves like jumping off ledges and turning around to shoot behind you pretty intuitive. Of course, keyboard and mouse has won the day in such games. But a fun memory.. and, yeah.. your hand would get quite a workout.

  8. Loved that the Sidewinder DualStrike got a cameo in there – it was my first PC game controller and weird as all heck. I kind of wish the idea caught on – it could have been genuinely great after a few iterations.

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