[Video] Trying Halo Infinite with Different GPUs!

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[Video] Trying Halo Infinite with Different GPUs! 1
[Video] Trying Halo Infinite with Different GPUs! 2
[Video] Trying Halo Infinite with Different GPUs! 3
[Video] Trying Halo Infinite with Different GPUs! 4
[Video] Trying Halo Infinite with Different GPUs! 5

45 Comments on “[Video] Trying Halo Infinite with Different GPUs!”

  1. Why is it that some laptops come with an empty slot for ram? And others come with the layout for a secondary ram channel but there isnt one? Is it some marketing scheme to cause us to pay more for more ram? one more question, Have you ever seen somebody restore a corroded graphics card?

  2. This game is a whole another world on the Samsung odyssey G9 it looked so awesome that monitor made me play video games again even the ones I already hate.

  3. Linus didn't see that there was a manual min and max fps count, so that's why his performance was shit.
    I was playing with a GTX 1070, an i7-9700k, and 32GB of RAM, and I ran the game on high settings with my frames scaled to min 60, max 244, and got about 120 fps.

  4. I really find it hilarious that they were going to release this last winter as a v1.0 release… And I thought this was just going to be a graphical update due to the response but apparently the game was never truly ready anyway?

  5. Linus I think thag was a great review. As a halo fan I’m looking Forward to it seeing as when you said “it feels like halo” it gave me good faith. The Delay seems to be worth it in the end I suppose. Also can I have the red helmet? Thanks love u xoxo

  6. When I first loaded the halo infinite tech preview, I shit you not. The minimum and max FPS were both set to 28. Not 30, not 60, but 28FPS. And the game was set to open mic by default, I was talking with friends on a discord server the whole time and the game lobby heard everything I said without my knowing. Not cool 343, not cool. The default mic setting should be set to push to talk or be disabled, NOT OPEN MIC!

  7. it's not halo until a 10 year old girl playing with her friend all summer, runs straight up to you and puts a sticky grenade on your head, while you are point blank blasting them in the head and chest with the shotgun.

  8. 8:12
    This is so true, this is why I hate BF5 Multiplayer, you just can't see the players, you can even hide in plain sight and you won't get spotted.
    Just search Battlefield 5 How bad is the visibility EXPERIMENT

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