[Video] ULTIMATE Gaming Basement Setup!! – Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade

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24 Comments on “[Video] ULTIMATE Gaming Basement Setup!! – Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade”

  1. I'm not the type envying anyone don't get me wrong, but having this sponsored series while everyone is having hard time finding hardware at MSRP feels a little bit kick in the nut especially that none of your staff seems to need these things. I would suggest to extend this series to some viewers in the future, not for charity sake but it would be more representing on a global level. We

  2. Yo, I have so much more respect for Chase now that he's got some displates on his wall 😂 I have like six of those things. I love them!!! They've got some super dope designs

  3. I'm kinda jealous here not being able to get my hands on a pc for the last 4 years (because it's very expensive and I'm too young to work) and this guy gets an extreme upgrade from an already op machine.

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