[Video] Why Samsung is losing to Xiaomi.

My thoughts on how Xiaomi has managed to beat Samsung and Apple to number 1 spot in Smartphones!…

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  1. As a Samsung S series user especially S20 series I'm utterly Disappointed by Samsung. Recently S20 series having a white screen issue and Samsung haven't make any official statement despite the complaints.

  2. Samsung is only working for 30-40% high end users and most high end users choose Apple iphone. While Xiaomi is focusing on mid range as well.
    Samsung don't bring value for mid range typical 50-60% users like Xiaomi does. Even at lower end Xiaomi still haven't losen it's grip. Very clever. Good brand strategy. Samsung only marketing strategy good but what about market value ? Why would people go for brand name only Samsung ?

  3. You forgot to mention that Xiaomi only makes consumer electronics and doesn't venture into strategically important businesses like semiconductors, energy or telecom networks, so the US government doesn't try to stop its success like it did with Toshiba, Alstom, Huawei.
    Huawei would be number 1 now, not Xiaomi (with all due respect)

  4. I've been using pocophone f1 for 3 years now and it's still working good up to now.Meanwhile my iphone xs i just bought last year ,the volume buttons are no longer working.

  5. The moment Samsung mocked Apple for removing 3.5mm jack and no expandable storage already meant bad luck for them when in the end they copied what Apple was doing. My last flagship was also a Samsung S10 and now will likely go for Sony next who is doing their own thing and not following trends by keeping all essential features like 3.5mm jack and expandable storage on a premium priced device.

  6. Samsung sets up a dedicated committe with a huge budget and long deadline to tell what is wrong with Samsung.
    Mr. tells in a free 10-minute video what is wrong with Samsung.

  7. Xiaomi phones will work on fine for first one year and after the phone will start showing their original face and moreover security updates Samsung is best than xiaomi . Xiaomi will always confuse customers by launching the multiple variants on one model but Samsung not like that. So for a customers who is having an idea of buying an xiaomi will confuse and for Samsung it's not like that

  8. I think Xiaomi should start sub brand in US to check the market initially.
    What do you think about Huawei, will they make a comeback. They have started providing stable release for Harmony OS.
    Kirin was doing good in competition to Snapdragon, atleast want them to raise back. There should be competition!

  9. actually my first phone was samsung…
    but when i started watching about phones i transitioned to xiaomi..
    and my current phone now is
    black shark 3
    a dedicated gaming phone of xiaomi
    its my 2nd xiaomi phone now…

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