[Video] Windows 11 is bigger than we thought

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[Video] Windows 11 is bigger than we thought 1
[Video] Windows 11 is bigger than we thought 2
[Video] Windows 11 is bigger than we thought 3
[Video] Windows 11 is bigger than we thought 4
[Video] Windows 11 is bigger than we thought 5

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  1. So if I understand it correctly, with Windows 11 Microsoft got rid of all the extra features and advantages they had over Linux? While also making it impossible to upgrade your PC unless you bought it yesterday? It looks like they are abandoning their Windows business…

  2. Imo windows 7 was the last decent one. After win 10 I'm making the switch to Linux. Windows is just too messy anymore. Feels like they just keep trying to slap bandaids on their OS and calling it a new feature.

  3. This is a great video. Always wait and see, for everything Micorosft releases. Early impressions – Windows 11 is shaping up poorly. Linux Mint is turning out to be a great desktop experience.

  4. i have been running 11 since the dev build was available. on a 6th gen i5 6500. shit is rad. no bad release this time. EDIT oh i forgot, yeah took me a min to find 7zip. thought it just didnt work at first lol.

  5. When I was in grade school, when my mom would make me clean my room, I'd cram everything under the bed and hide it. That's what Microsoft seems to do to each OS… "Clean it up" by hiding everything somewhere. I just want a windows XP interface, let them change their crappy back end however they want.

  6. Duuude. Windows 11 sucks.
    The dumbed down right click context menu sucks. Having to click some shitty more options button to get to my 7-zip context items blows. To my knowledge you CANNOT turn it off, grr.
    Only having 18 pinned apps on the start menu and not being able to group them or have some larger and many smaller pinned apps sucks. I think I had 40+ pinned items all grouped into Daily/Entertainment/Games/Utils/Admin sections and I could get to all of them. Not anymore. I have to scroll through screens, and I can't group things other than to try to put them together somewhere in the list.
    The text suggestions overlay does nothing except get in the way and be annoying. I turned it off.
    The font on the lock screen is well ugly compared to the Win10 one, which I realise is a subjective judgement call. But it does suck and you're wrong if you think it doesn't!
    Icons are pretty sucky.
    Centralised Windows start menu sucks but can be disabled. (That doesn't make it suck less)

    On the plus side…
    It has to be said. I have had zero issues. Not one. I downloaded the second it went from dev into beta on my home desktop. The install worked, all my apps and games 'just worked'.
    The rounded windows look a bit prettier. I like them anyway. They don't help functionality at all.
    The terminal combo app that gives you access to cmd and powershell and more terminals is good. I found that and liked it straight away.
    Right clicking on the middle icon in the minimise, maximise, close trio of buttons on the top right presents a heap of different ways to snap the window to somewhere on the screen, that is both cool and potentially useful!!!
    I am kind of in the MS space now. I get a 1TB Onedrive with my O365 sub and I moved to Edge when it went Chromium. So I didn't mind the MS products just going. Not sure what it would have been like if I wasn't already using most of them. BUT I noted it didn't steal my PDF default back from Acroread, so that shocked me greatly!

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