[Video] XPS 17 (2021) Review – Dell PLEASE Fix This

My review of the 2021 Dell XPS 17 (9710). This is the best laptop Dell has ever put out in their XPS line. But omfg … that trackpad
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  1. I had xps 13 but I do not have the budget to chnage the batt every one and a half year. Also, Dell do not sell batteries, service is needed. Again, no budget for those.. I am a student and do not game, I do not have a desktop at home and my laptop needs to work all day, all night. Do you have any suggestions of a laptop that have a batt that can last up to 5years before needing to change batteries/repair? In the real world, is there a hardworking, good specs laptop that poor students can depend on that exist?

  2. I won't buy any XPS anymore because of the ridiculous cpu throttling dell intentionally puts on the laptop when the GPU is in use! I don't want a 2K paperweight!

  3. It is the behavior that is not changing or improving. This is not the first and only quality control issue. They have never launched an xps that people have not have had quality control issues with. Now with Microsoft windows 365 you can buy processing power as and when you need it. I can buy a MacBook pro 16 inch and use windows 365.

  4. The only thing which refrains me from buying this is the keyboard and the half sized arrow keys without numpad.Dumb idea in any 17 incher. The speakers could be placed next to trackpad.

  5. Well, my xps 9700 doesn't have any qc issues so I guess that im just lucky. Buying it a month ago I was prepared to return it as soon as I've found the problem but it turned out the good way.

  6. I love these laptops they look great and have some serious performance, however, I bought a windows tablet a few years ago from Dell and it stopped working after a few months. Their customer service was terrible, I would give them zero stars. It’s just a bunch of Indian guys saying sorry to you. (Respects India, nothing against the country) The tablet never worked and I wasted $400. Since then I would never ever buy Dell. They have great ideas, followed by great design, but then their quality is terrible and customer service will make you want to punch someone. Their whole business model is to push products on people at a high price that will break after a few months, they won’t bother replacing the units and they will keep your money. The only arm that saves them are the government and big business contracts that have potato dell PCs. Terrible shady company.

  7. While it was a legit criticism past year, requesting an AMD variant is totally out of place this year with Tiger Lake and starting to be tiresome. Tiger Lake has more performance and far better I/O than Ryzen 5000, it only loses in power consumption thanks to TSMC 7nm.

    XPS is an Dell/Intel thing, it is like asking for an AMD Switch or Macbook. Just request AMD to fund their own premium laptop instead.

  8. Dell would rather lie and tell you that they haven't fixed it. They can't stand telling you that they haven't done somthing. That's a note you all should be aware of.

  9. Does your lid open by itself when held on its back side upright? I found the 9510 experiencing the same over saturation issues as previous models as well.

  10. I mean yes Dave, the rattle is still an issue but either exchange or fix it with a simple piece of electrical tape. I get it, that's not the point–it shouldn't be a thing on an expensive device but it happens. I think we would need to see a sample size of more than 1 to know if they actually improved this year.

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