[Video] Your Hands Go INSIDE this Keyboard

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24 Comments on “[Video] Your Hands Go INSIDE this Keyboard”

  1. I don't think it's that much harder to learn, stenographer's learn to use that weird keyboard, I'm sure this could catch on if a field of study adopted it and incorporated it into the schooling/training

  2. Funny hearing someone not from the US refer to the US in an offhand and casual manner, "the States". Never really though about how other people might refer to us or our nation in casual usage.

  3. Its interesting because there was recently a gaming key-pad that someone made with a very similar design. Dear lord that thing was clunky though, look at all that extra plastic! I suppose tech really has gotten a lot smaller. I'm looking to transition to a DMOTE soon, and people already look at me funny for playing Destiny 2 with my Elecom Deft Pro.

  4. This is such a cool keyboard 😉
    I don't think the learning curve sounds too bad, it takes many months learning to type originally. I'm just sad for the kids who learned to type on this before a normal keyboard, and then had to relearn from the ground up later.

  5. I don't think you guys should be the ones talking shit about America's healthcare system. Leave it to Americans. Don't you guys have your own dictator in power to care about? lol

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